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Monday, 6 January 2014

Taking Advice

A while back now, Leslie sensibly suggested that I should try under-dressing more often as it was clear that Tilly wasn't going to find out given our lack of frisson, sexual or otherwise, even if I couldn't wash underclothes regularly enough (or even at all) to do it all the time.

Yeah, that's close enough.
Oh to have that hair...
I was out at the local supermarket and lo and behold if they didn't have an offer on camisoles. Some rather nice ones, presumably Christmas season, were down from a fiver to two quid for two. Of course, at that price, I got two. I have a nice purple-y one and a pink one. As soon as I got back I smuggled them upstairs and immediately under-dressed in my pyjamas. It feels lovely. I like the tightness of it (despite finding the stone and a half that Tilly lost [from 142 pounds to about 160] over Christmas I still manage to fit into a 12-14 size) and I love the colours. I've gone with the pink because I have recently mislaid my proper pyjama top and have made do with a cheap (and this pretty thin) white t-shirt. The darker one would probably show through. The pink one does, truth be told, but it's less noticeable and so I should be able to get away with it.

Before I went out on the run to the supermarket, having had a lovely first day back at work (no, really, no sarcasm), Tilly was lamenting having had a trying day with Girlie. I shan't go into details here, suffice to say that I was making sympathetic noises to Tilly about it genuinely rather than through confusion, but the rant was coming to an end. Tilly remarked that in the evening she was going to do not much. I suggested, albeit obliquely, sex. Tilly responded "No, I just want to do something that I find fun and nice." Hence my decision to actively seek out dressing in spite I guess.

I'd wear this.
On my return I thought maybe I hadn't been clear about what I was offering, after all, the response was pretty insulting if she thought I was offering sex. No, no, she knew. "After the day I've had, I just want to sit on the internet with some music playing". Oh. Oh well. Thus I went and got changed.

It's not totally out of spite, mostly it's to do with how I felt the other night when dressed and be-wigged when I saw myself in the mirror by accident, but I can't deny that spite is part of it. Mind you, I intend to wear the purple cami to work tomorrow just because I can and because my shirt won't let it show through. It's a 'light' day, so it shouldn't interfere too much either. Also, today, there were some shoes I spotted that made me a bit wistful, not much of a heel but patent leather lace-ups from Clarks. I did scout out a local Clarks store on the way home to see if it was within striking distance, but, let's be honest, I probably couldn't justify (let alone store) another pair of shoes that got as little wear as my feminine shoes do. In the supermarket there were dresses too, but they were outside my self-imposed limit of a fiver per article. At some point I am going to have to find a way to cruise the charity shops alone again and see if I can't nab a decent dress in my size, that way I shan't have to nick clothes that, though abandoned, aren't really mine.

At some point I shall have to sleep in the purple cami and my favourite knickers too.

Now, now that I have all that rather bizarre ranting out of the way I shall return to normal service as soon as possible. I will post a review of Game of Thrones because we have watched the first two seasons and I have found it to be entertaining and generally good. I feel I ought to be recommending it to people. I have also started the books, courtesy of Tim, and they are also passing muster quite nicely. Lots of marking over the coming weeks, but I also hope to be posting a couple of beer reviews too (I can drink on school-nights now, I am that comfortable, plus I sort of started doing that in the five weeks of loveliness in September - and apart from the dressing, it did help my mood to be able to do so - even if I didn't drink much or regularly, I was just allowed). See, I know you all wanted to know that!


  1. I'm glad you are getting the chance to dress up more Joanna. Wearing the underthings makes a lot of sense... although I really do hate that it makes sense because you and Tilly aren't intimate.

    I'm in the middle of watching the third season of Game of Thrones. It really IS a good series with a lot of plot lines moving forward constantly. Sadly watching the series ruined reading the books, so I only finished the first one.

    1. I was worried that the TV series would harm ythe books, but so far it's just allowed me to find fun in finding out what they did differently. They are similar enough that I find it all familiar but with differences enough that I can still enjoy them. Unlike, say, Starship Troopers in which the book and film just about shared the name and some characters...

      And yes, it is rather nice to dress up more, despite what this says about my relationship at present.

  2. One thing that endears you to me is the fact that you always give my comments serious consideration, even weeks later. Very thoughtful, Jo, to credit me, too.

    I think you will garner a lot of positive feelings knowing that you are discreetly crossdressing around everyone in your life. I know that it has countered a lot of sadness at my situation. Good on you!

    1. Always credit where it's due, ma'am! It's just a shame that this is done to counter sadness in both our cases when it could be used to build us up instead.

      And yes, there are many positive feelings involved. So much so that I stopped off and added some underthings this evening at the supermarket. Total cost £7. Not a bad haul.


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