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Thursday, 9 January 2014

So very tired

Random bridal picture achieved!
Yes, yes, I'd like that.
Loving the flower in the hair.
It would appear to be an on-going saga, both my under-dressing and my tiredness. The latter resulted in me dropping off, despite large amounts of caffeinated beverage, to sleep with the Boy and thence to bed proper, resulting in me having no evening. Tilly found this fine, I feel, and watched Toast of London. She is introducing me to this tonight. I think it is more her than I. However, the night before last was scene to actual physical contact in bed. Luckily I had changed out of the camisole into my pyjamas before we spooned for a bit. Tilly rapidly fell asleep and nothing else has been said of the matter. It's something, though.

Ah, random relationship reports, almost as much a part of this blog as bridal pictures. I was at a training day today and so missed my chance to teach madly, had two coffees but I think I'm still totally zonked, so there's not much to say this evening.

Except a couple of things. Firstly, the comment on my last post by Calvin, which was interestingly put. It's made me think a bit.

Off on one tonight. A bit of a random tangent
I'll admit.
Also, yesterday, spent the day in camisole and full briefs, the comfort and support of which I think I've mentioned before. Of course they were purple, a bit lighter than the camisole (worse luck), and had a lovely little tiny bow in the front. Again, most of the day was spent without really being aware that I was wearing them (and with no boxers) but the camisole, with its different tailoring, was much more insistent. I'm sure that I had more to say on that, but apparently I don't.

This morning I wore the wig I rescued with my bracelets. I ended up donning a hair band again. It felt comfortable. Very comfortable. Risky though.

I am not sure what's going on. These past few days I appear to have been living in a bit of a blur. I'm only slightly present most of the time, marking is taking longer than expected, I'm propping myself up with caffeine and not getting my normal amount of sleep. I've bought lingerie (sort of) and have been wearing it. Tilly and I continue to avoid actual conversation. I've become a social media recluse again after a burst of festive activity and I'm feeling oddly disconnected from myself.

Hmm. Hard to explain.

I suspect I'm just very tired.

Sorry, this is one of the more boring posts.

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