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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Life is Good

Cultural baggage allows you to derive the meaning of my
post from this wholly unrealistic and posed image of a
classroom that would actually cause me to recoil in terror.
Most students don't know the answer - if they do, what are
you still talking for?
Work continues to be a joy, it honestly does, and though I have a lot to do I still don't feel overwhelmed. It's early days yet, I know, but I'm enjoying it and milking it for all it's worth. I have been involved in a training programme at work and have been very impressed with the reasoning for it and the genuine attempt to be engaging and interesting. The managers so far have striven to use it as a place to express their frustrated teaching instincts and, frankly, they are good teachers. Neither manager has reacted with joy at the less teaching they do as they climb the greasy pole. They are, therefore, good managers. In that they don't justify what they do, they try to get what they need to do done so that they can spend more time in the classroom as teachers.

I typed in 'compassionate teacher' and this came up. I am a
sucker for roses. So, have some roses.

I wonder if I can ever receive any?
This leads to a compassionate outlook, even if circumstances will mean they have to be hard and uncaring some of the time, and a genuine desire to engage and inspire an audience. We were, in effect, taught a lesson and that's no bad thing. Too many training courses for people in education neglect the fact that we, as a rule, create resources and lessons that are engaging and exciting for a living - and treat us to boring lectures (not the good kind) or pointless make-work tasks because the person doing the training doesn't understand what has happened in the classroom since they left it or, worse, never understood it in the first place and so may still be there - banging out tasks that sound and look clever without being engaging or interesting.

The talent continued unabated in the competition that I am judging - it actually got better! And home life is good.

So it's a short entry tonight, and all good.

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