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Monday, 27 January 2014

Just saw this

I was just chasing links across the internet, ruminating on the situation that a good friend is facing and the fact that there is nothing to do to help but be there and listen (or read, same difference). In the background Tilly was having a domestic with her writerly friend with whom she co-writes plot things (which is about as far as I understand it) and doing that thing that Tilly does: push on something because she doesn't want to be made to feel bad by others (emphasis mine). Eh. Honestly? She, Tilly, creates the situation as much as anyone else because she lets these things get to her. Mind you, I'm used to just shrugging, ignoring and moving on, which is probably no better. I sucked up the comparisons to me about her friend being unreasonable and lo, we have not argued. See? Easy.

Aaaanyway. I was pootling and found this article.

I have nothing else to say but YES.

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