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Friday, 10 January 2014


There may be bridal photos ahead...

I love the hair and the make up here. I lack the
face shape to ever emulate this.

After last night's rather depressing and fatigue induced post I feel the need to redress the balance. Not a good night's sleep, not even a rest, but a good day of teaching and some good conversation with students has brought me back to an even keel. A stark contrast, and a pleasant one, to the last three or four years. So, it is my blog and I am going to share images. You have the option to avoid the whole damn thing, in the meantime, have some Ace of Base. (The video for which has stopped working! I shall try again - alas, it is lyrics only).

A long time ago, I posted about inspirational images. I still love that post. So, I'm going to do it again. But more. With knobs on. To reflect the better place I am in, to better explain my positive mental state. To show how under-dressing and the permission I have given myself to do these things has helped since we have moved. Maybe you'll enjoy this too.

This is sweet. I think my face matches the shape of the one
with glasses. Not my complexion though.

Again, face shape. Closer to my complexion.
Could I pull this off?
Now for some inspiring music to take you through the rest. It speaks of revolution, of redemption, of inspiration and power and forgiveness and anger and love for our neighbour. Good old Phil Collins.

And now back to interesting and inspiring images to view whilst the music plays. You may or may not wish to watch the video. I don't know.
Nowt like me. But I would love this!
Check out that dress. And the hair. So free.
Would that I could wear glasses like that. And the
flowers in the hair. Seriously. My personal favourite.
My first choice.
Ah, flowers in their hair. Nowt like me, but
such an inspiring look.
Be'eeh! Also, I wish.
If I had boobs... I'd wear this. I don't, obviously,
so I can't. Still looks pretty though.
A brunette bride. It's not so much the bride
thing, it's the fantasy dress and the dream.
Ah, more my age. Probably similar face structure
and body shape, apart from the breasts.
One of the prettiest of the bunch. What would I
give? Not my family. No. My house? Yes. My job?
Yes. My body? Probably. Second choice.
With the right wig, the right camera filter and a half-blind person...
Freedom. I'd take it.
Maybe it's the flowers? The chance to hold them without any
kind of expectation?
Glasses. That's part of it. Whether or not I'd need them, they are
a barrier, a defence. A disguise. You've seen Superman?
Ah, beauty. And liberation. And dreams come
Thank you for reading this far.

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