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Thursday, 19 December 2013

To be human...

So another short post but, hopefully, a different one. I was perusing on youtube and saw the videos that I shall finish this post with. And, you know what, I want to do the ones where people throw themselves out of aircraft or off mountains and buildings. I want to do parkour and ride mountain bikes down ridiculous courses.

Oh yes!
When I was in primary school, aged about ten, we went to an out of bounds centre in the Lake District. A group of us went on a ghyll scrambing expedition (basically, you climb up a waterfall/beck that comes down the side of a mountain). Now, we were young, so I guess it was pretty tame. But, at the top of one of the waterfalls, the instructor asked for volunteers to dive into the plunge pool. Of course I put my hand up. I figured that the instructor had said it was safe, when would I ever get another chance? I remember that I had to just jump before the worry set in. I remember the thrill, liberation and freedom of being in the air and I remember the shock of landing. It was awesome. It was beautiful. Later in that same trip we went caving and there was a cave so low that none of us could raise our heads, there was the mini-cave that was just large enough for ten year old me. I was the only volunteer to crawl through it. So that I had to refind the party when I got to the other side because no one wanted to hang around. Yes, I was that annoying crazy kid.

And seeing these videos makes me want to do it again. The video thumbnails have bugger all to do with the content either.

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