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Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Mental images are odd things...
What did Morpheus call it in the Matrix? Oh, yes,
residual self image.
It's been a while. I've been marking and it's coming up the end of the year. There is much that is positive at the moment, very positive. My immediate boss continues to shower praise from above (though, interestingly, he revealed to me that his favourite nickname for himself was 'the smiling assassin' - what was it I said he was at the beginning of the school year?) and steal most of my initiatives - but the latter point is well-known by those he attempts to impress with them, so well-known in fact that my immediate boss has started making a joke of it. So, that's actually a good thing.

I've been involved a lot in the football but my right thigh has taken such a pounding that it still hurts, like I've pulled a muscle or something, and that sucks I guess. Girlie has been out to drama, the Boy is obsessed with Temple Run and even Tilly is looking happier. We all have the same annoying cold with coughing but that can't be helped. I have bought and distributed Christmas gifts to my work colleagues for the first time in... uh... for the first time and attended so many Christmas meals with staff that I wonder how I ever ate anything other than pub-food. It's been a busy, but very positive, few days.

Speaking of good things...
I remain hard on myself, of course, as Leslie pointed out earlier. I should remember that, in being harsh with myself, I am automatically harsh with all whose outlook that I share. It certainly isn't meant that way.

There's more marking on the way, well, it's already there and waiting actually, but that shouldn't be a bad thing either I suppose. Aaaand now it's very late and I should be in bed. So, a quick post from me tonight just to touch base.

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