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Saturday, 14 December 2013


In my head, this is actually a possibility.
How shit is my head?
I have been observed and I have been found, for the first time since my job interview, to be 'outstanding'. It was a pretty pedestrian lesson but the write-up was effusive and complimentary. I mean, it was by the Deputy Head, and she has written things like "ha ha" (twice) and "I'm giggling thinking about it" and "you are a credit to our school" in it. I'm somewhat bowled over and not used to that amount of praise. Even the fact that I haven't really been keeping up with marking has been explained away for me by the observer! Indeed, apparently I have something of reputation for being an interesting teacher (despite my kicking of one set for bad essays) and a generally positive feeling all round. I have also been blown away by the quality of some of the student-run stuff in the school. They did drama that was of a very high standard (the Great Gatsby condensed and shown as a homosexual love story, for example, with a sympathetically serious main storyline wrapped in clever jokes) and there is a singing competition that the whole school takes very seriously. I have been recruited as a judge for this and this has been a cause for celebration by my immediate boss who always enters and also takes this seriously indeed. How different!

Foos-ball. I am not a sportsman.
Nor a sportswoman.
Nor a woman.
Then there's the football group. We meet up and they play football whilst I run around being vaguely ineffective and shit at passing, dribbling, shooting or, you know, anything connected with football. Sorry, it's soccer for those of you from the USA. We followed this last week with a meal out and a trip to the pub. They are all teachers at the school in which I teach and one of them is my immediate boss. He got rather drunk but this was shown by him praising me effusively (again) and saying that he was glad of my appointment and that I was fitting right in. All of the group is pleased to see me, maybe because I make everyone else look good at football, but possibly also because they are friendly people. How very different!

Yay Community.
Around where we live there is a genuine community feeling too, so that people in the shops are friendly like where we used to live but there's another feeling there - I call this community. In the pub we went to last night there was a genuine feeling of that. It hadn't been updated in terms of decor since the sixties or earlier but there was a real sense that the owners had spent their money wisely and that the local community were appreciative of it. The rumour is that the local oldies go there for lunch, for example (the food did seem reasonably priced) and that one day one of them did not appear. The landlady went round to the missing old person's house to find out that they were ill and temporarily house bound. Naturally the landlady brought a lunch round and shared it at the old person's house. This is community. It's an old mining area and an industrial heartland and so I suspect that has something to do with it. Vive la difference!

Eh, the body is grey, but these are close enough.
Taking my advice from Facebook, as you do, I tried the pushing Tilly up against a wall and kissing her thing. It seemed to work insofar as I wasn't pushed away but she wasn't feeling 'amorous' and so it ended in snuggling. In the meantime we have received my mother and father (separately) as visitors and so I have been wearing some knickers for confidence. It has been nice and I have enjoyed the experience again, as one would expect, and not in a sexual way. They are the 'frillier' ones with pink lace trim and a grey body. It has been nice.

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