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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Happy Christmas!

Like I said, it's not my blog until there's a
bridal picture in it.

Just a brief note to say a huge Merry Christmas to all of my lovely readers and followers. Also, most especially, to those wonderful people who have offered support, insight and general niceness to me and others throughout the previous year.

Personally I shall celebrate the arbitrary date given to the birth of the avatar of my favourite imaginary friend who runs the Universe but, whatever your flavour of belief (or lack thereof), I hope the present season finds you well, happy and in a nice place.

God bless us all!



  1. Happy Holiday's Joanne!

    While I don't participate in any religious celebrations, I am thankful that this time of year reminds us all to wish everyone else a merry time!


    1. Thank you! It is much appreciated!

      Religious or not, like you say, the reminder is always appreciated.




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