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Tuesday, 19 November 2013


I am very late to this particular party, I know, but Tilly and I have just watched the first episode of the second season of Sherlock and I want to be him. The eponymous hero, that is, I would like to be like that. And I don't know if that means more than it sounds. Consider - the hero is disassociated from normal life to the point of fault and beyond, meaning that he is virtually indestructible, and he is lauded for his uncanny ability to elucidate and cogitate. I rather like that. He may also be rude, obnoxious, objectionable and autistic but, somehow, intrigues a professional dominitrix (don't even get me started on the patriarchal fantasy on display there) enough that she cracks before he does. They always do, don't they.

Anyway, an update (as the last one was well-nigh impenetrable even to me). Work is back on an even keel, still plenty of marking and other gubbins to get done but I'm feeling more on top of things at the moment. A lack of 'manipulative twits' (thank you, Leslie) certainly makes a huge difference and the students, I thought I was having an issue with one set, seem to be back to how they were at the beginning - which is nice.

Tilly has dyed her hair again and is going to get a new tattoo soon. No, we still haven't really talked about, well, anything, but I wasn't really expecting any change after we moved if I'm honest. And she has shown a continued aversion to physical contact and to thoughts of anything beyond that as well. I think I may have to just suck that one up and get on with the rest of what makes us a family.

Girlie has been much better. No more tantrums and no more vomit since the last post, for which I am grateful. Tilly has worked hard to make sure that they see plenty of other people and see them more than once and so Girlie is feeling much more settled. It is clear that she is making friends and putting down roots. Sure, she misses where we used to live and her friends there, but she is settling here and that is very welcome. The Boy too. He misses having me as long as he used to in the evenings (I finish an hour later so I arrive home later) and there are no woods nearby, which is a shame, and nothing else to yet create a mythos. However, he is still happy with things. Both of them now have access to tablets of the cheap budget 7" variety too, courtesy of the cash-back on the mortgage we took out, so that's nice. They work on them collaboratively and don't appear too addicted to them, but then neither Tilly or I control their access to them and so they regulate themselves. Works with food, why not electronic devices?

I've still not added to my wardrobe despite planning to since 1st September. This is mainly down to fear on my part. Of what I'm still not certain. I have the cash secreted for the purpose, carefully hived away and saved, and I have plenty of access to various supermarkets and even one or two actual clothing stores not to mention the plethora of charity shops within walking distance and thus easily visited without arousing suspicion. However, the fact remains that I have not. There is a box in the wardrobe in the spare room, beneath a collection of old audio tapes and behind some random junk, that holds all the clothes that I own that were designed for those of a more physically female persuasion. And the boots. And the shoes. Delving there in a morning ought to be easy, but I have not been doing.

William may be back from his long absence. He may not be either. However, there are flashes and fragments of ideas that may or may not go somewhere if I have the time and the inclination at the same moment to sit down and start typing.

In the meantime, have a bang on this:

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