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Friday, 8 November 2013

School girl blues?

In my head this is what I mean.
I'm... not a fan of the slutty
schoolgirl look.
It is Comic Relief coming up where I work and, to raise money, the staff are being entreated to come in fancy dress on a Roald Dahl theme in general (ape-ing the campaign headed by Terry Wogan for Children in Need where people were urged to dress as a character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). Instantly, of course, I thought of Matilda from Matilda. Two reasons: 1. it's the only Roald Dahl book that I ever read cover to cover (my father read Witches to me, but it didn't have the same effect and I watched a film adaptation of The B.F.G. In school they started reading The Twits but, and I can't remember the reason, I never heard it all. Was Danny: the Champion of the World a Dahl story? If so, I've watched a made for TV film of that too) and 2. it's a female character.

Also, there was a feeling, an assumption if you like, that it would be an easy costume to get together. Blue pinafore dress, school-type blouse, grey tights and red hair band. Ha! Ha ha ha! A brief online search has shown that there are few to no blue pinafore dresses in size 14, roughly my size, and none of those have skirts that would reach the knee. Also, very few places do adult sized school shoes or non-fetish schoolgirl costumes any more. I am a sad serial fantasist.

Mind you, I can't complain. Tilly bought some NOW CDs so now we have a steaming pile in the kitchen where the 90s of our youth has taken a huge shit. Smells good. I ought to get back to Nano-ing now.

I know I know, I'm running out of animated

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