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Saturday, 2 November 2013


It has begun.
I have started writing for nanowrimo 2013, like I did last year, but there are several differences this year, things that I am missing due to a lack of preparation brought on by having moved over the summer months rather than spent time planning and editing. First of all there is the fact that I am missing a plot and the inclination to continue with last year's rather successful little story. This is a bit of an issue. It's not that I shall never return to my story, it's just that, right now, I'm not ready.

Yes, it's a stock image. But, yes, it sums up my
thoughts on the lack of a buffer and the lack of
a print screen function.
Then I'm missing the ability to 'print screen' on this school laptop for some reason. This is becoming more than an irritation (try writing instructions for computer operations without that function and you'll see what I mean). This has prevented me from using some images that I was hoping to craft another caption with whilst the mood was still with me. I've had to put that on the back burner and so was unable to start nanowrimo with a clean creative slate - my usual preference.

Unlike last year I haven't had the time to prepare posts for this blog either. This means I may have to suffer the ignominy of another month whereby my post count is lower than my usual. Which sucks a bit, I do value people reading this blog and I am aware that not posting here turns people away.

Oh how I'd love to look like that.
Even if for a little while.
Also I'm missing skirts. Sounds odd, but over those five weeks renting and being away from home I got rather attached to my twirly effort and realised how versatile it really is - billowing about it could be cool but standing still and walking more slowly and carefully created a warmer sensation. I could skip in heels and be summery and cool or I could walk with small steps about the kitchen and be warm and cossetted. Now that the cooler weather has well and truly drawn in and we're trying to keep the bills down for a much larger house (this means less heating and less heat retention - the drawback of living in house made in 1909 I guess) I could do with that option again. Jeans and trouser just don't cut it. Sure, they're warm but I can't tuck them in around my legs when sitting down and rely on the shared heat of both my legs to warm down to the ankles the same way. I mean, I can use a blanket but that's not as practical for getting up and moving around.

Finally, I'm missing my usual creative sparks that accompany this time of year. I've had a desultory drizzle of some ideas but the full scale storming sleet has been curiously absent. I suspect that this is partly down to beer brewing and having an outlet at work for ideas that I have previously lacked. It could simply be that I'm tired, since moving we haven't really managed to just sit and do nothing, or it could be that by watching things on the telly again (Sharpe for example) I'm not exercising my imagination much.

I'm not complaining. Just missing things.

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