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Sunday, 27 October 2013


I'd forgotten how enjoyable a romp Sharpe was, Tilly and I have watched it. We also have a new sofa, courtesy of a Belgian Goblin and the fine folk at IKEA. Children enjoyed playing in the box. Mother-in-law arrives tomorrow for a five day stay.

I find the Lord's Prayer does the trick.

But then... I would.
Tried a church today. It was not to my taste. High CofE, apologetic about it and, well, facile. Highly facile. Conservative with a capital 'C', and that is very much not to my tastes, with casual racism and ageism as standard. Met a former teacher who was bitter and thought I was too, this is not my milieu. We shall have to try somewhere else. Discovered that Tilly still has issues with my stress at our last church - apparently the fact that I was grumpy a lot harmed her enjoyment of church to the point where she wonders if, in our new start, church is worth it. I forget that my moods are my own problem whereas her's are my problem too. Plus ca change.

Anyway, church, for me, is about challenge and restlessness. It is about looking at the world in a new and different way, not supporting the traditions of the status-quo or piffling about Queen and Country. Yes, it is the Church of England, but that's no excuse. I guess I miss our old place. It had its faults, but they weren't all deadening. Of course, our approach to going wasn't great and I resented being unable to fully participate in worship because my duty was to field the Boy and shield Tilly from the Girlie long enough to let Tilly do her singing. Of course I did. I suck at being primary parent even now and most things are looking up.

Storm? What storm?

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