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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hair today or tomorrow?

Yeah, so, it was a bit like this I suppose.
Not sure it was exactly the same, but,
then, that's not the point.
I recall it felt nice.
And this is close to my hair colour so...
why not.
During the last week I think I mentioned that I'd had a dream about hair. I am aware that the last time I spoke on this topic (it was about wigs if I recall correctly) it was quite possibly the most boring blog post in the history of me blogging. And that's saying something in a blog, like mine, that is generally centred around what goes on in my head with occasional self-serving reminisces or descriptions of events from my own point of view!

However, given that hair is such a topic for me, along with shoes (I saw a lovely pair in IKEA, not known for selling shoes, and actually genuinely considered stealing them - they weren't for sale - but they turned out to be size 5 and thus waaaaay too small; and the local supermarket that sells clothes doesn't have any in my size now), it turns out that I shall be talking about it again. So, here it is. I had a dream about my hair being grown out and long, it was not the focus of the dream, but what got me was how realistic it felt. I could almost feel the volume in my hair as it fell about my ears, the pull of the straighteners I was using with a brush and it was... well, part of the routine or getting ready for work. I cannot recall what it looked like, though I think I was using a mirror in the dream, just the feeling of it and how it fell about my head, just in the periphery of my vision. It was nice.

Oh, I'm just indulging with this, I know. Hey, at
least it isn't a picture of a wig!
In other news, Tilly has been keen to be nice lately, helping me brew beer and making sure that I have washed underwear to wear to work. Indeed, I was given specific time in IKEA today to browse things that I wanted to see rather than being shoved on child-care duty. I tried to respond in kind by getting Tilly some punch like stuff that she'd like and being helpful around lunch, but I'm not sure how successful I was. We went out to meet some new friends at the park and got rained on by a thunderstorm too. Thunderstorms in October are an oddity for me. But, yes, I'm staying in work later than I used to but have managed to free the weekends so that I don't actually do any work at home at present, is this the source of the good feeling? She even mentioned that she'd like to play chess again tonight. We haven't played any kind of game together since before the Girlie was born, so sometime in 2007. Hell, I've detailed on here about how requests for time work in the past but this week I asked for certain things to happen (brewing beer, shopping for food for the week - I make packed lunches now as my new job doesn't have free meals like my last one did) and they were done, seamlessly, in the normal rigmarole of the day on Saturday. This is highly unusual. I'm not complaining, but highly unusual.

Despite all that, there's been no change on the physicality front, it's still a non-topic and joking about garners the suggestion that it's all I talk about. In fairness, I have made at least one sex-related joke a day this weekend (two today, one on Saturday and one on Friday night) so I suppose that was fair comment.

Clearly, I also seem to have a thing lately for curtseys. So, who am I to argue with my subconscious? I shall add another animated gif (to the left) to indulge and, also, to say a genuine and heartfelt thanks to all the people that indulge me by reading this blog. It's very much my safe place and it is also a place I am pleased to call my own. Not having the net for a week and a bit brought that home quite a bit! So, thank you *curtsey*

Oh, I'm back alright, fear my random meanderings!


  1. Maybe the new environment is going to be better for the entire family as well as for you.

    It is sometimes easier to start anew than just stay stuck where you are, and I wouldn't push things with Tilly if she is otherwise being pleasant. Every step should remain positive even if it seems like you aren't moving forward. Who wants to head back to square one, right?

    1. Oh definitely! (And, no less importantly, thanks for commenting again!)

      The Girlie is taking a bit longer to adjust, but she was always more attached to people rather than things or places and we couldn't take the people with us. Having a friend has helped her (she confessed that she wished that she'd always lived here and then she wouldn't have had to move, which I think speaks volumes). But yes, the Boy and Tilly are definitely happier here, in this house and in this place, than they ever were previously.

      Certainly my work environment is better and happier than it was.

      And yes, pushing is not where I'm going - square one was a shitty place.


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