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Monday, 21 October 2013

Closer or That Old Chestnut

So, I posted over at Steffimariechen's blog (which, if you haven't been to see, you ought to) that she has inspired me of late with her prolific and very welcome return to captioning. I mean, don't get me wrong, there are some very inspiring people captioning out there daily like Dee and Elle and Mistress Simone. I am assuming you know all of these people if you're reading my blog.

Anyway, I've had a bit of a day of it today and so I thought I'd try my hand at making a caption again, something I haven't done in a long while, and this was partly inspired by the return of Steffi. I am sorry, I realise that using powerpoint is a poor tool choice and that my previous efforts at captions aren't exactly... well, they're not the greatest pieces of work ever committed to the electronic medium. However, I am reasonably annoyed enough at various things that have happened today to take solace in the use of an image that has haunted me, in a good way, since I saw it.

Standard copyrights apply, of course, and I'll happily remove it if people get in contact with legalities.

I welcome any and all responses about how to improve. For example, I think I ought to have had the close up of the face on top of the left hand side of the caption, and I would have liked to frame the image somehow. If I ever get my own laptop I know that I shall need something like photoshop on it so that I can sample and use the purple colour on the corset, something I wanted to run through the piece, and the complementary red of the hair. I'd also want to play around more with the colours in the image, to give a sort of fuzzy outer glow to it all, fading into blackness right where the kiss is happening. Also, removing silly details like the lamp, which I think detracts from the situation. Maybe also play with the frame of reference so that there is less space for the text and the image can take a bit more space. At present I feel that it is made smaller by the text on the right than it needs to be.

Anyway, yes, for your consideration.


  1. Joanna,

    I think this is a great caption. Good fun story that works perfectly with the source photo. Very good design that easily separates it from most other caps and an obvious effort to make all design elements 'fit'.

    I really like the blurred out image being used as a background to the text. It gives it a texture that doesn't overwhelm the text itself. I really like the work you did with the title. The all capitalized font works great and the red glow... wow. Without seeing the photo I probably never would have combined red and purple/violet. Even after seeing the photo I probably wouldn't have utilized that combination, but now that I see it I can't imagine the cap any other way.

    As for your suggestions... I'm not sure I would have spent any time eliminating the lamp in the background. It doesn't distract from the feeling of the photo and in fact I didn't even notice it until you pointed it out. I do like the idea of flipping the small close-up and the full photo. I pulled it into Photoshop and did that flip. I couldn't emulate the glow from the title so it didn't have a 'finished' look to it, but it did add a bit more visual flair. I don't think you would need to sample the color of the corset to get your purple framework as it already matches fairly well. I may... MAY... have gone with a darker tone of purple, but I would have spent a bit of time playing with it until it matched up just right. Making less space for the text probably would have been a good idea, but that really rests on the size of the source image. I'm not sure what you mean when you say "to give a sort of fuzzy outer glow to it all"... do you mean blurring the image? Softening the image? Those might be nice, but again I'd have to see what you mean before I can agree or disagree with it.

    About the only improvement that I would suggest is in the utilization of the close-up image. It feels like it's been blown up too much and is a little blurry because of it. If there were other images in the set I may have chosen from them. If this is a standalone image, then I'm not sure what I would have used. The framing almost demands that something important and interesting fill that space.

    Overall I believe you've crafted a wonderful caption. There isn't a single caption out there that can't be improved upon... the real test is are you happy enough with the result? I know I am!

    1. First off, and I'll repeat this later, thank you for the feedback. To receive something so in depth and positive from someone who can create captions of the quality you do is, well, humbling!

      Yeah, you called it right with the blurring - it's the source image being tinier than the text area. Thinking about it, I could have used a smaller font and manually cut off the edge on the right there by reloading and resaving in paint after the creation in powerpoint. And a sample tool to nick the purple (yes, I agree on the idea of it being darker) would have been handy.

      As it happens, the glow of the text 'Closer' was entirely a powerpoint effect, I use it a lot in my resources created for teaching believe it or not. I would have liked to sample the red of the hair more.

      It was a standalone, alas, as I do not pay for Limited Audience and rely on their sample images. I'm almost tempted to sign up, but we're trying to afford a sofa so I probably wouldn't get away with it.

      Nevertheless, thank you for the kind words, I shall be blushing for a while now having got your feedback!

      Oh, yes, the fading out at the edges, I think I meant softening the edges of the image so that they didn't sharply meet the framing - so in old photoshop I would have used a soft eraser tool and maybe had a background made of the five lights up (in reds, oranges and yellows) on a rendered clouds black and white texture to hint at smoke and flame (not that you would have seen much of that in the event) or else some form of cloud render (maybe purple and white with red uplights?). I would also have been able to play with the image a little more. It is quite large but the image saving options from powerpoint aren't that great.


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