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Friday, 23 August 2013

Relevant to our interests

I can't believe this is an actual comic!

Character here is the victim of a misfile, hence the comic's title, in Heaven and has had his file tampered with so that page one contains an error - he is now listed as female. Universe changes to accommodate and only he, a new friends and the angel who made the error know of the difference.


  1. seems interesting ^^ whats the name of the comic?

    1. It's actually very very good and very sympathetic. The latest storyline has taken an unusual turn for fanservice though - given the amount of mail in the 'ask Ash' section asking about this issue I guess it counts.

      The name of it is 'Misfile' and you can find the link for it on my blog-feed off to the right.

      The art isn't the best (compare Megatokyo or Schlock Mercenary) and sometimes the dialogue is clunky (compare Shortpacked or Questionable Content) but it's a nice webcomic produced by a passionate artist and writer combo.


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