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Wednesday, 7 August 2013


See, this kind of drunk. Except with beer. Because... beer.
Also, yellow. Again.
Tonight I am struggling with a reckless urge to get totally pissed. I was supposed to be travelling about two hours to sort out my new classroom and generally do work-y things but then word came that we were ready to rumble on mortgage for buying. Instead of driving for two hours I spent two hours sorting finances and accounts and details to start the new mortgage ball rolling - we have been waiting a while.

So, stress levels soared and I was running on adrenaline.

We took our children to the library and town to sort out a few things (I cruised the charity shops, ostensibly to look at potential DVDs for the kids, but also checking out tops again) and by the end of that I was crashing. One Morrison's own energy drink later and I have a headache but at least I am awake. Children continued to be difficult (well, maybe just tired) until they passed out. I've had a glass of Leffe Blonde. Now I want to get bladdered. But I can't be arsed reviewing a beer.

Autistic, moi?

Fuck you sexism. Beer and woman, check. Positive image:
check. Redhead? Check. Fuck yes, sign me up.
I also want to over-haul the tags on this blog, there are too many and they are unwieldy. I need a better system. Expect changes to tags tonight, all those readers that use them (so... me).

I want to dress. I really want to dress. But I can't. Most of my wardrobe needs a wash quite desperately. Any ideas how to do that without Tilly finding out?

Fucking hell. Could there be any more sexism in images of people drinking? Pretty much every image of women drunk implies it is shameful and wrong. Pretty much every image of men drunk implies it is some kind of feat to be mastered. Positive images of men drunk are the norm, whereas positive images of women even drinking are rare to the point of extinction. Fucking hell. I thought we'd moved on. I honestly did.

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