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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Interpretative Dance

I am late to this. But it is possibly the best protest / form of raising awareness I have ever seen. If all protests were like this I feel the world would change far more quickly. Maybe it's the dance, maybe it's the music, but this is powerful. Also, sad that it came to this. Sad that it had to be done.

Tilly and I are watching Twilight and it is unmitigated shit. We're watching for the reason to pull it apart. I think.

You know, human beings are the worst predators ever conceived. If vampires, or anything of that ilk, actually existed then we, as a species, would wipe them out in short order. And we wouldn't stop. Vampires may prey on human beings but human beings work as a pack, as a group, and we would bring them down. It is a principal failing of most supernatural movies of this form, of most legends, the things that prey on human beings are woefully under-prepared for full scale war with them. Maybe I ought to write that story...

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