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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

And dreamed of para- para- paradise

Yes, this. Driving with a nice jacket and well kept hair.
I wish I were so confident.
Mind you, checking my privilege, I'd wager she is less
confident on the roads than I if my experience when
driving a red Micra was anything to go by...
As I'm sure you have all noticed, there's been a lot of beer and ale imbibed at my place over the last week or so. Moving continues to creak ever onward, the latest being that we may not complete and therefore move in until mid-way through September or later. This is bad because I start my new job on 3 September and there is no way on Earth that I shall be commuting that distance every morning. It necessitates renting. There is the option of getting a holiday cottage for a couple of weeks. Of this I approve, it would be fully furnished and with all mod cons and it would be private enough that I could indulge a bit of cross-dressing on an evening. Part of me wants that to be part of the solution, of course.

We ate at a Two for One place and my grandfather paid
for everyone. Because he's like that. None of us looked
like this because my brother and I were the youngest
families there. Our cousin who turned up hasn't a family
yet so there were a paucity of younger females.
I have also been to my grandfather's eightieth birthday celebrations, he who has been left behind with the death of my grandmother, and so that's why there's nothing from me over the weekend. We sampled beers together and a good time was had. We also discussed, debated and got cross over Britishness, identity, immigration and the Other. I did goad it a little by explaining my Nazi lesson to my Aunt and finishing by remarking that we were living in the 1930s now, except it was immigrants and not the Jews that were to blame for everything and that we all wanted a scapegoat for the financial crisis. I went further and opined that fear was driving us, our political leaders know this, and play on our fears of the unemployed and those on benefits to cow us and keep us placid as the right wing patriotism grows and we junk the NHS and any kind of support system in the name of efficiency and then we vote Conservative. My brother is a Conservative voter and evangelical Christian. Nuff said.

Not Tilly.
Tilly has touched up the pink dyed hair that she had and then changed it to dark purple as the pink began to fade. The Girlie has pink in her hair (either side of her face, her hair is really long at the moment so that it almost tickles her butt and she has no fringe to speak of) and the Boy has asked for his hair to be red. We are searching for an option for that to happen so that if he gets freaked out we can remove it instantly and, if he likes it, it will hang around long enough for him to enjoy it. And, predictably, I am a little upset and jealous of the fact that my family can do these things to their hair but I cannot dress in clothes designed for women.

Not as offensive as a picture of Osama bin
Laden (give him time) but still enough to
evoke controversy. I liked the fact that no one
could identify him without help.
Yesterday I went to my new place of work to tidy up the mess I left last time. I got a new school laptop which is going to mean that I have to get myself my own way to access the net as the new laptop is more closely monitored than this one. No more anonymous blogging. So, if this place goes dark for a couple of weeks you'll know why. There was no printing available and so no way to redress the balance that I'd spotted in that all my historical figures were male and all my quotes came from men. This is a bad thing and I didn't want any additions to be tokenistic, I wanted something that would be as challenging as having a huge poster of Michael Collins in my room. "Sir," they ask, "Who are all these people?" And I'd introduce Stalin, Henry VIII, JFK, Gandhi and Michael Collins, "He started the IRA." I'd say. "What's that?" they would ask. "Oh, a terrorist group that bombed the UK mainland and fought a civil war, that they won, in the 1920s. The IRA terrorists continued to bomb the UK until 1998 and the Omagh bombing. They've killed more people than Al Qaeda." And then there would be controversy about whether or not he should be on my wall. Which, of course, was the point. I want a woman in that position. I have Henry VIII, Lenin and JFK on my new wall already, now for a controversial woman. And no, not Mary Tudor or Elizabeth I because they're too well know, they're almost parodies of themselves in History. Henry VIII definitely is, but he and Stalin share many similar traits and I like the idea of using Henry VIII to explain the Five Year Plans or the Yezhovshchina.

I have also read the following articles, but tonight I lack the time to discuss them properly here:
Conservative Christianity and the Transgender Question raises some interesting points (not the ones he wants to raise, by the by);
What transgender people teach us about God and humanity (both of these from Stana); and
On the phenomenon of bullshit jobs is one of those articles that manages to articulate (see what I did there?) something I've been mulling over for a while.


  1. It sounds like a harried and yet fun time in your life. Moving, moving part time, commuting, changing familial hair shades, contemplating opportunities to dress, setting up a new office... all of that change whether they be permanent or temporary have the ability to keep your mind active and moving.

    Even selecting new images to display on your wall (I love that idea by the way!) sounds like fun. Off the top of my head I don't know any controversial women that would fit the mold you have. Maybe Benazir Bhutto or Aung San Suu Kyi?

    I'd love to have a conversation with a true conservative. Not one of the many people that vote for them and yet don't know why, but a person that truly believes in the ideals of cutting spending or blocking immigration (I imagine the conservatives of our respective countries have their own idiosyncrasies). Sadly I don't know anybody that fits that description and any discussion/debate/argument I get into someone that thinks they fit that mold ends up with a frustrated "We have to agree to disagree!!"

    I hate agreeing to disagree.

    Anywho... have fun in these turbulent changing times and make sure to take the opportunity to step back and enjoy the moments!

    1. Harried but fun about sums it up Calvin!

      As for the images, try searching for the rasterbator and shoving some images into that - you can fill walls with them! I've had, in the past: Hitler; Wilhelm II; a First World War gas attack; Bloody Sunday (Ireland); a nuclear explosion; a Renault tank from the First World War; a Sopwith Camel; Fountains Abbey; Gandhi; Soviet propaganda (1961 vintage); Pope Leo X and a composite image of the rulers of Russia between 1855 and 1964 framing a nuclear test (it was a course I still teach).

      For women, good suggestions. I'm leaning towards Anais Nin, Madame Roland or Ray Eames at the moment - a Feminist, a Revolutionary and an architect. Mind you, Bhutto wouldn't be well known either...

      Ah, there are conservatives, Conservatives and people who vote Conservative in the UK. I suspect US Conservatives are further right than most of the UK Conservatives. I mean, you guys refer to the Democrats and liberals as the Left! Not that we have any leftist political parties any more in the UK... And yeah, debates with the Right I find hard.

      Inspired by your comment I may do some novelling tonight.


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