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Thursday, 4 July 2013

The River Styx

There's a new song to my job in the final few weeks.

I am actually much more pleased with myself for having found it and said that than I have right to be. Also, my side order of extra marking for money continues and is much more time consuming than this time last year, hence the lack of comment here or anywhere else. I hope to get some proper time over the upcoming holiday period, but we'll see.

Entering another dry patch with Tilly, still haven't repeated the new thang since last I wrote nor discussed it. We're back in the "I feel pressured" from her if I bring it up, "you keep mentioning it" she said, but we checked and I've asked maybe three times in the last month. I suppose that's more than before. Any other conversation that strays from house-buying / house-selling /parenting or job is also being closed down in short order. Ah well.

My boss has now managed to piss everyone else off in the Department, throwing stones in the wrong glass houses if you catch my meaning, and this just makes me smile. Finally, after I plan to leave, we have independent verification that, no, it wasn't me. If only I'd had that sooner perhaps I wouldn't be leaving. However, if I wasn't leaving perhaps she wouldn't have provided independent verification. I can't complain, I'm being left to get on with things, finally, and so am actually in danger of getting things done. I've also packed my library to take with me on my visit to my new place tomorrow. Yes, I have a library that numbers just shy of a hundred books. Since when did I have a library? I seem to have built it up since I last moved job by, uh, a lot. And my lesson resources that are mostly mine (i.e. no one else used them much or are only just now waking up to the fact that, yes, I do have good ideas - screw 'em, they couldn't be fucked when I was there, I'm taking my ball with me).

We'll see what new chaos awaits me there.

Oh, and I'm also seemingly obsessed with the following image of Nigella Lawson. I mean, I wouldn't want to lust after her (I'd have to at least change my politics) but being her - or at least, looking like that, yes, I appear obsessed by the thought.

Perhaps more on that another time.

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