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Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Nobody knows it / but you've got a secret smile

Well, things are calmer.

I still can't get accurate figures for most of the costs of moving and people are still ignoring what I say or ask, but, hey.

My parents have agreed to lend some money each, Tilly and I have raided the savings we'd put aside for the children and we've raised about enough to do everything. Now we just have to wait for a few things to fall into place. This may take 15 days yet.

But we're underway.

I can't face beer, I'd have to review it. Instead, I spent a few hours on G+, you know, Joanna time. It felt nice.

And I found this on Limited Audience:

I want to be the one in purple.
 And this, but I forget where:

It's... sweet I guess. I guess I wish I looked like that when
scribbling. I so don't.

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