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Wednesday, 24 July 2013


I believe this is from a film I've never seen, but the image
is close enough to how I remember girls in the 1980s.
Keep in mind I was younger than 10 for the 1980s.
Point? Oh, yes, this is what I'd like to have been so I could
play on Knightmare. No, really, boys' teams were shit.
Knightmare! Apparently it is returning for a one-off youtube special this coming week. I am very, very, excited by this.

Sorry, I'll stop hyperventilating enough to try and explain. It was a show made in the UK for a commercial TV channel (keep in mind we only had two of those until 1998) on the children's TV segment on Friday evenings. The concept was a relatively simple one based on Dungeons and Dragons so loosely that it avoided all copyright with influences from Jack Vance, Tolkien and Arthurian legend so vague and amorphous that you'd have a job on finding them. In this, a team of four 'dungeoneers' would try to navigate a dungeon to achieve a quest. Their guide was Treguard, joined later by odd companions and given an enemy around series five in the shape of Lord Fear. What made it unique and clever was the use of early CGI, a blue room and a helmet that meant the dungeoneer who went in was blinded (useful as it was just the same blue room each time), their three 'advisers' would then have to guide their team-mate from a screen that they could see and their team mate could not.

Okay, the video below will not do it justice, it's from 1987(!) but it shows the concept well enough.

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