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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Inspiring Images

Just some of the images I've picked up over the last few days as I attempt to get back into the posting groove again and some commentary from me about what I think about them.

I've said before how much I love women in nature shots and this one seems to tick all the boxes that I look for in such a shot. I love the thin dress she's wearing and the light that evokes that late summer evening feeling - that warmth suffused with the end of the day that I love so much. Of course I want her hair and the ability to go about barefoot like that without killing off small woodland creatures with the stench my feet create. I want to be able to sit like that and be natural in that pose. Hell, on the floor I do sit like that but I look and feel awfully self-conscious so I don't do it much.

Did I mention my recent apparent obsession with Nigella Lawson? I think I did. This is another good shot to show what I mean. I don't find her attractive or one-hand browser worthy, she's a dyed in the wool Tory and a bit... aloof? Upper middle class? I don't know. But looking at this I really want to know what that tastes like and I want to know how that cardigan feels and I want to know how her body handles itself and I would like to have those hands and that hair style and have the abilityh to wear eye make-up like that and get away with it. I want to be that short and need to wear heels.

I know she's been the victim of domestic abuse, I don't want to somehow suggest that this is a good thing, but at the same time I confess a thirst to know about her life. Okay, not so much the domestic violence. I want to know what it is like for her to be herself, I want to know how I can emulate that in my very drab and straight-laced male life.

I'm sure I've mentioned my penchant for flowers in hair and wedding dresses. If I haven't, consider this me mentioning it. Now, this image is far from perfect for me, I'd like a bit more meat on them bones to emulate and I'd prefer my own hair colour, I'm not wanting to be blonde (Tilly dyed her hair blonde when I met her, I'm not saying blonde isn't attractive, I'm just saying that I would rather not be blonde myself) and the flowers would then have to have some deeper colours (I like pink). Still, the image successfully evokes what I bring to mind when thinking about femininity and how women are apparently seen by media and by the students I teach.

I love the complete pointlessness of the extra fabric hanging from that hairband and falling past the hands on the chair. I know from painfully little experience that this feels great and looks fine but is also bloody annoying for actual movement. I like that kind of impracticality, I think I've gone into detail on that before too.

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