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Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Because who wouldn't want to be that content?
I mean, I'm close, but...
It would look as though the place I am going to work has a mindset that I understand and they seem to like mine back. Okay, it's been one day, but it all seems terribly positive. There's a Department that has been a tad brutalised and I'm arriving as a soft and mushy nice person. Yay. And they want to be led. I can lead.

Also, I am happy to see a blog post from a dear friend who has been quiet for a long time, and it's a mostly positive one too, so that was good.

And I'm drinking a beer. Review to follow.

I've finished my marking hell, I've started to disengage from my current job - in a good way - as there's only two weeks to go. The wonderful feeling that I've done everything I can and that now the shit is not my problem is palpable. One of my colleagues pointed out that when I'm gone my current boss will have to have a big reassessment of what my role was as so much of what I do is vital but invisible and no one else will think to do it until it breaks down and they realise that it needs to be done. I took it as a compliment.
My preciousssss...

The external HDD that I ordered for my birthday arrived early so I can start backing up my laptop, in fact, I already have. Also, I seem to have less hair on my legs at the moment? Like Alopecia almost. They are smooth in odd contiguous patches above my ankles to about halfway to my knees - reminds me of the area that Toby shaved back when we were an item in 2005. I wonder of the two are connected?

House remains unsold. Got eyes on a house down where my new job is. Just got to wait and see now.

This is longer, has more buttons, but...
well, y'know.
Finally, I wore a skirt because it's been too damn' hot. It was lovely. Regrettably short-lived and my short denim one rather than the long floaty one that would have been better for the weather (the denim one was close enough to shorts that the Boy didn't notice and so hasn't mentioned it when Tilly got back, the floaty one would have invited comment and discussion) but still, I wore it and I enjoyed it.

It was nice, it was good in the hot weather. I suppose I'm not asking for much, just the ability and the choice to wear a skirt in hotter weather or just because. It's not like I can ever pass or convince people that I'm a woman (no, really) nor is it about being attractive to men (there are plenty of people who are) it's just something that feels nice. And I have no other way of explaining or defining that particular part of me.

No. Wait. I can do better than this. Anyone remember these people?


  1. I am so glad to hear that you are in a good place!

    I know I've said before that I tend to thrive when the shit is about to hit the fan, but I really miss having a few days of stress-free living and just think about what is best for "Dee" as opposed to helping everyone else put out their own personal forest fires. Perhaps if they dropped their lighters and stopped playing with matches I wouldn't be as necessary to their own well being!

    I'm sure that if you are being positive and happy, it will rub off on everyone else. I hear that those things can be contagious .. just like the plague! Can you see that? Its Dee's pain medicine kicking in big time! WOOO!

    1. Glad the pain meds are doing their thing and yes, I know what you mean about the power of adrenaline. In the right frame of mind I am the same - at my most productive and creative in the face of almost certain collapse and when stressed out of my tree.

      Lately, though, I've been pushed by excitement. I'd forgotten I could even do that so it was a nice reminder!


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