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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Drink like a woman

See, pink wine is totally a feminine cliche that I get to
legitimately indulge due to high temperatures and the
fact that the wine was given specifically to me.
A colleague approached me at work. He and I share teaching styles that are... well, they aren't currently en vogue in the UK. See, lecturing as a teaching style and as a means of enthusing and engaging young people is considered the opposite, that is, people in high places believe that because some teachers cannot lecture then no one should have the option to teach that way. These are the people that insist on terms like "best practice" - which my other friend points out is a complete misnomer and impossible within a teaching context because everyone is different. As I am leaving he gave me a gift. Gray Fox Rose wine. Grenache Rose. So, I get to fulfill a cliche of femininity by drinking it.

Yes, I imagine myself like this. Very much.
Thing is I actually do feel pretty feminine by drinking it. Which is completely ridiculous in so many ways that I can't even begin to list. It goes against everything I know about Feminism but it is mostly tied up with my own perceptions of femininity and what it is to be a male. It is also rather nice and, at 11% ABV, significantly stronger than much of the beer that I have been having lately. With the continuing high temperatures it is also easier to chill than most of the beers that I have. It has made quite light headed, thank you, much like I felt when out on my leaving do with the rest of my Department. I almost felt like telling them I cross-dressed. I am still toying with the idea of giving my leaving speech in my long twirly skirt. I won't. I lack the courage and could lose my job over it. But the thought is an exciting one.

Will I write about it in a fictionalised account? Most likely, it's the sort of thing that I do after all! I even combined dribking with eating chocolate. Hell, I'm just one beard away from being a bloody typical female teacher right now...

I want her watch and her hair.
And yes, my night out was a good one. We went to a lovely all-you-can-eat place for the middle classes on the day we may have sold our house and it was paid for (the meal, not the house) so it was a free night out for me. I had plenty of meat and plenty of food generally, managing over 14 portions of meat, which was as it should be, and chose my beer poorly. I am very female in that regard, that is, classically female. I am crap at choosing draft beers but better with bottles. I have no idea why this should be so as the bottled beer I chose on the night was chosen without any tasting or write up, just like the draft beers that topped and tailed the night, so... I dunno. It was Brazilian. No doubt I shall recount the escapades another time.

In the meantime the Rose is very nice. I like the taste, I like the strength and I like the vague feeling of femininity that it brings with it. I wish I were drinking it dressed but Tilly is in the room, so I'm not.

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