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Saturday, 13 July 2013

And one other thing

It's around the time of my birthday again. It was a good one this year, probably the best in very long time, and I realised just how far into the pit I'd fallen over the last few years. I was listening to Contact, the album by the Benjamin Gate, in the car and realised that it has been over four years since I last listened to that album. I was shocked to say the least, but it figures because it's an album that I've only ever listened to in a happy mood and I suppose I haven't been very happy over the last four years for one reason or another.

This looks nothing like the skirt nor the look I
explain but, you know what, I don't care. Why?
Because this is also a look I'd like to try.
I also managed to get some time this morning, when the temperature was rising and around 26 degrees centigrade, to wear the floaty blue skirt I bought a while back. The Boy was downstairs playing with the iPad and Tilly was out taking the Girlie to her drama class / group thing. It was nice to wear and felt good. I honestly wish I could just get on with being a man in a dress / skirt like Tip in Skin-Horse and wear these things more often. It's not like I want to spend every waking minute in clothes designed for the opposite gender, I don't, but now and again, especially in weather like this, it would be nice to have that extra option. There was something cooling about the effect of wearing that skirt and ten minutes was too short a time to really enjoy the feeling, though I did get to bunch it up a few times and that was nice.

We went to a friend of our daughter's birthday party today and that was good too. Now I get to know people who I could talk to, when we're planning on moving down to my new job and losing most of the face to face contact that Tilly has built up over the last year. Hard to believe we only met the family in September and harder still to imagine how we will stay in contact when we eventually move. We've been down to look at houses in the new area and they're mostly affordable but we have to sell this place first. We've lowered the price and cleaned up as much as we can, but it's not shifting. We're just not getting people through the door.

And, of course, so is this.
Tilly's been having issues with her period, sound a little serious to me, but she hasn't yet been to see a doctor about the never-ending-period-of-doom. She did, however, go all pink on me today and expressed an interest in having pink hair. I can't claim to be opposed to that idea. We even watched In The Loop together last night and that was a pleasant evening. She looked good in pink and made me wonder what it would be like for her to wear her floaty skirt and pink nail polish and eye shadow and then for me to wear my blue floaty skirt, a light blue top and blue nail polish and eye shadow. A highly highly unlikely scenario and yet... strangely alluring.

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