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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Time to say goodbye

Maybe in the end we are all blessed...

I am not so much looking forward to the end of my employment in my current job as I am aware that it is all coming to an end. I announced it to one of my classes, the only one I started the year teaching that I have left, today and was touched how much of a difference it seemed to make to them. Bless 'em, as they are actually the ones that it's going to affect the least.

But neither as talented nor as
beautiful. Looks like Tilly...
And I have completed one round of extra marking for money and am awaiting clearance to start the second one, though I have a real worry about whether or not I did that right. I'm known for administrative fuck ups, after all, but I just got a text that said that was fine...

Oh dear, I appear to be writing stream of consciousness - which is neither edifying nor particularly interesting. I shall stop.

Father's Day went well this end, the Boy has turned the grand old age of three and is loving the presents that he got: interactive chuggington sets and a marble run. He is cock-a-hoop with the extra wooden railway bits that he got to choose at the toy shop using his birthday money and is generally a very happy little chap. He has also had a bit of a speech 'splosion, though I still have a hard time following what he's saying, and is very funny generally.

No... I don't know the point of this post either. Sorry.

I found these and Tilly is giggling at this.

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