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Friday, 28 June 2013


Like this. I mean, I volunteered, but still.
Okay, it's been a bit bonkers. I freely admit that this year has been more taxing on my time than last when it comes down to marking. I've been putting the Boy to bed, preparing the house for viewings and not marking on the premises of my job because I don't have a co-conspirator and I am a coward. This all means that I have had less time to do what I was doing last year and this has meant less time online. As a consequence I've let this blog go a bit fallow. For which I apologise to all of you who read this. All ten of you.

Not quite the pair, but close enough
Anyway, clearly I am feeling the burn because I wandered into ASDA today to get some toothpaste for the family and note they have a sale on some summer shoes. Of course I look. Of course I find a pair of platform wedges with strappy bits, four inches of heel, half an inch platform, that I decide I must own. They are £8, down from £16, and I didn't buy them. Everything in me wanted to get them and take them home and try them on etc etc but I couldn't. I can't even be arsed to mark some extra papers at about £2 a pop enough to afford them. Though I do kinda want to a bit. The problem isn't so much finances, like it was last year, it's more a case of moving house.

I can't claim I've been deprived of
At the moment all of my en femme wardrobe, such that it is, is stored in a rucksack in my actual wardrobe. It is safe there for the time being. However, I do wonder how I am to transport it between houses. At some point I will be called upon to explain the contents of that rucksack and I'm not sure that Tilly is any closer now than when I started this blog to being able to cope with the idea of me owning, let alone wearing, apparel designed for the opposite gender. Indeed, we may have restarted sexual relations but these have been severely limited in frequency and regularity to the point where it is difficult to know what the difference is. I'm not complaining, but since I last wrote there has been no further interaction. She maintains that I am 'different' in my needs to most men and refuses to take any initiative in such matters. It seems a little unfair. However, I haven't put in a line break and most people aren't really interested in the minutinae of the sexual relations of other people.

Not chocolate-y at all.
After Triple Chocoholic I
am a tad disappointed.
My boss reaffirmed her selfishness and her drive to be so this afternoon, which I found rather sad. I mean, it doesn't affect me all that much but I found her justification for something she clearly struggles with to be saddening and telling. Mind you, I am a father and so I guess I'm pretty biased on that front. I mean, I am selfish, but nothing quite beats the Boy and the Girlie playing happily with you or enjoying a whisper story now and again, even if I get bored of these things. A smile from either of them tends to lighten the mood regardless.

Tilly bought me a beer too. I'm drinking it now, while I can. A review may follow, but I doubt it.

Also, I noticed that Stana has linked me on her wonderful blog. I have no idea how long that's been there, but thank you, Stana, I am deeply honoured! If you haven't been to her wonderful blog then you should - it's thought-provoking and almost required reading for anyone who has even a token part of gender dysphoria in their lives. Okay, it's no caption blog, but nor is this place.

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