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Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Ah yes. Like that.
I'm sorry. It may have come to your attention if you've read, like, any of this blog that I am a total and abject fangirl of the British pop duo that are the Pet Shop Boys. They have a new album coming up called Electric which promises to really take them back to their roots, something I do enjoy, but in a way that is totes different from their last effort, Yes. Now, Yes was a good album, had me in mind of what they were like in the 1980s with some brilliant tracks. Then there was Elysium which I thought was brilliant but was very much an acquired taste. Neil claimed it was "like mood music, but there's just one mood" and I think he was kinda right about that. It was melancholy, that was the single mood, and it had its place, y'know, for driving and stuff but not a lot else. Yes was pop-pier, it had stuff you could sing and dance to, I guess, in a way that Elysium didn't really. No getting your glad rags on.

Electric looks like being a completely different kettle of fish. From the first track released out into the wilds of youtube, Axis, where they have a couple dancing with moose heads and horns throughout the seizure inducing laser light shots it was clear that this was going to be an homage to an era that I am sad I missed. Back in the late 80s and early 90s there was something of a minor cultural revolution going on in the UK, a summer of love in which everyone knew about the 60s and had been well and truly hammered by AIDS awareness. Thing is, at the same time the Cold War was ending and there was a quiet wild abandon about everything. Nothing seemed impossible. He's blogged about it all before on here. My turn!

The video for the Boys is brilliant. There's a shot about 1.11-1.12 that shows what I so desperately wanted to do in the early 1990s but didn't. He was scared and simply didn't know that he could indulge. In essence, it tries to capture that feeling that I remember quite well. At the same time, you have a more Pet Shops experience than you perhaps had in the Axis track (below for comparison).

Finally, there is this cover that I have rolling about in my head. It's also very good, but for completely different reasons, and it too captures something of the 1990s.


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