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Saturday, 15 June 2013

A passing muse

There's only really the rusted metal here to suggest post-
apocalypse, so this is pretty close to the event or very
far after it. No inbetweenies here.
I have this sudden urge, probably borne out of drinking an energy drink after lunch, to write some fiction set in a post-apocalyptic world.  Terri has previously written about how she would live in such an environment free to indulge in dressing and whatnot. I have always commuted such thoughts to being stranded as I would hate there to be no other people forever  and the thought of rescue at some point would be a comfort in the cold of the night.

Basically put the theory goes along the lines of in a society-less environment there would not be the shame that is usually associated with the embarrassment of being the wrong gender in pretty clothes. The fear of attack or ridicule would be lifted and the taboo of dressing differently would be a free-for-all, well, one and so do-able. Now, on that basis, that of the lack of fear, I can definitely relate as that is something that I wrote about around this time last year as being a primary motivating factor both in my desire to dress and preventing me from doing it altogether. However, there is another edge to this. Consider the scenario of being stranded on some idyllic island with only female luggage, for example, that just so happens to be your size. Brilliant? Well, it would be at first, but I'd wager that over time it would become less so. Let me explain, I think the female clothing that I am drawn to is the impractical kind - that is what stands out as being most feminine and therefore the most desirable. There is an element of recognition of the idea, if not the substance, of patriarchy here. I accept that 'femininity' is equivocal to the concept of impracticality: flowy dresses, twirly skirts, floopy sleeves. That none of these clothes would be terribly helpful in a survival setting almost goes without saying.

Wonderfully impractical is the name of the game. So, this
looks very pretty and lovely. How in the Hell does one
walk in it?
Part of my own fetish, habit, whatever - is this concept of imposition. Like being forced to wear glasses, losing IQ or else simply having long hair that falls into the eyes all the time - these are all aspects of femininity that I feel drawn to and epitomise this idea that women are in need of help. It is this recurrent role as damsel in distress that calls to me. In the pornography that I select and use to, well you know, like limited audience or boundlife or even restrained elegance - all of these feature women who pose in the guise of needing help. There is even the story that I started on here (and intend to return to with a reboot over the summer) that pretty much sets this up with a male damsel in distress rescued by a female knight in shining armour. The trope is very strong.

This is, I guess, pretty realistic.
My point is this: in a post-apocalyptic setting there would likely be no rescue and thus the concept of dressing would fail the primary function for which I use and like it. Okay, I accept that in real life I am not likely to be rescued by a female knight in shining armour either but in the society in which I inhabit the concept is common enough to indulge. In a post-apocalyptic setting, one where normal society has broken down and replaced by who-knows-what would the desire hold true?

Not quite, but close enough
that you get the concept.
So to the idea and concept. I have two options. I know that the Joanna view would be to write with a female protagonist who was properly female, discussed things with other survivors and would be very capable. Indeed, her gender would be largely irrelevant. My view, on the other hand, would be to write about a cross-dresser who then has to approach the new and changed landscape, thus deliberately playing with gender roles and expectations. It would be further enhanced, for example, if the protagonist could be catapulted from our time to the post-apocalyptic situation. Perhaps he was indulging and then somehow found himself dressed and without facility to change that dress in the world that now stretches before him. In either case you would see challenges and have scope to fully explore the world and the attitudes of it and in both you would hold a mirror up to our own situation. The latter option has the further fun angle of having changed language structures that the main character can then react to and translate for the good of the reader. The former would still have the changed language but with less acceptable reasons to translate for the reader - which would be more satisfying to write but much harder to contemplate.

Can you tell I've been hard at work these last few weeks or that I am hyped up on caffeine? You probably can actually.

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