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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Songs with 'oo'

In an earlier post I wrote about the fact that I like orchestral stabs and music where a woman sings 'ooo' over the top without actual words. Since then I have been haunted, in a good way, by Snap and Exterminate, which you can find below. It very much fits this mould of music and has a catchy beat, the video also reflects what I remember about the early nineties very nicely, even if I never made it to a club or a rave or would have known what to do when I got there. In that sense, people like Terri are so much better equipped than I and have had so many more experiences by embracing opportunities. The music of Snap was all about embracing opportunity and experience and perhaps that is why it still speaks to me after all these years.

There's also the joy of Enya's Boudicca, which is totally different from the dance Boudicea though both are pretty darn cool as far as I'm concerned.

I suppose this all links to tonight being Eurovision, whose general sadness and geekiness and unfashionability I embrace and love. I have never been with the 'in-crowd' and have never really been able to make it with fashion. I have been an outsider as long as I can remember, which is of course why the songs Too Many People and One of the Crowd appeal to me so much (they're from the Pet Shop Boys, of course, why wouldn't you guess that already?) - I desperately want, on some level, to 'fit in' and be part of the crowd and not be different. It may, in part, explain the fascination I have for clothes designed for the female frame - I want to fit in so much that I would repudiate everything that makes me who I am in favour of donning a new personality and frame to fit in with a stylised ideal 'other'.

Speaking of which...
If I had to pick, this would be a good body
to have. Neh?

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