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Sunday, 19 May 2013


It's a Jean-Paul Gautier effort. He of
the Fifth Element fame and so it is
completely bonkers. Excellent.
I love this time of year! Eurovision may be considered to be a sad and stupid thing but it is also the only thing in existence that attempts to bury national antagonism by giving it a musical and camp outlet. A method that makes any kind of serious nationalism look positively quaint and ridiculous, exactly as it should look, and allows a cross-pollination of musical mores and cultures. And, as you probably know from the rest of this blog, I am all about cross-pollination.

So it is that I bring you some laudable entries from the 2013 effort in Malmo. I loved the host, whose costume changes brought my approval for being stylish and clever without being overtly sexualised and whose manner of condescension was friendly and appreciated - I for one found her to be humorous and witty without slipping into being insulting or horrible. Also, the focus was very much back on the music and the history of this most bizarre of contests, in a way that was missing from the horrific coverage of the effort last year in Baku where the local dictatorship successfully used it to promote their nationality and processes at the cost of decent musical talent - something that ends up offending me on two levels.

First up, Romania.
I mean, that voice! That voice is brilliant. I love it.

Then Norway.
She needs dragons, she needs them now and are you going to argue with her?

Finally, the winner: Denmark.
I can see why this won, but it was my third choice.

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