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Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Which I am, genuinely. I was working up a nice
momentum before this latest break.
Sorry. I've not been on here for a while. First there was the mad-panic-stress of planning for going back to work because I had been my usual lazy self and not got everything done that needed doing. And, because I am me, I still haven't done it all. There are many many things still to be planned and organised and put in place, all the while my colleagues are firing new resources about the place and looking clever and good. Damn. It's always the way!

However, in amongst this, I ranted a little bit to Tilly about how we would never intersect on the copulation front. Imagine my surprise at being told that she was ready via text on Monday. And then a very pleasant evening was had by both of us. I was... am... gobsmacked. I was also round at a friend's, I've mentioned him before, and we had good discussion, with his wife, about feminism and the like. Good times were had, a godson was given his toy train and all was good. Of course, it was before I went back to work so I was busy being all stressed (and I got lost on the way back home at least twice) but we had a conversation about porn and kinks. They both claimed to have kink-dars and so I challenged them on it and asked if I would come up on this mystical thing (kinda like a gay-dar I think). Anyway, they both responded negatively, which I found interesting. I posited that men were known as more visual in their sexual preferences in porn than were women, something I honestly don't believe, and was surprised to find the ardent feminist woman agreed, her husband agreed, but guardedly.

He got in contact via G+ to express his true opinions. Again, I was surprised, but it did explain why he is friends with me and why he believes that we are very similar. Perhaps we are in some ways. Though there is no TG/GID/TV with him, I should point out. And no, I don't think either of them are aware of my own oddities in this area. Interestingly, they both agreed that withdrawal of sex was a withdrawal of love - something I have wrestled with and am still uncertain with. In fact, the female of the couple was adamant that male withdrawal of sex was a wider problem because women are told that men are always ready for sex when it is not the truth. Men complaining about withdrawal of sex by a woman was mere whining, she opined, but she baulked at any dry-patch lasting for more than a couple of months - breastfeeding notwithstanding. Fascinating.

Close enough for you to see what I mean. It reminded
me of my favourite shirt as a child, green gingham, close
Tilly was supposed to be out singing tonight but the Boy has been running a temperature, so she abandoned it and, with it, she unknowingly abandoned my wearing of the skirt and blouse for the purpose of pictures. There was a darling blouse with red gingham there when I went shopping too, and I haven't been back to get it. I think it may just be a matter of time before I do though as it would go very well with the boots and the short denim skirt I got from Toby. This all remains undiminished despite Monday evening, implying it's not just about the physical sensations I get from the activity, which I did know, but now it is empirically confirmed once more.

I was going to say more. But I am tired, aware that I am not working and am blogging, and need sleep again.


  1. Perhaps she waiting for a commanding presence to get her stoked.

    1. EDIT - new comment after some thought.

      See, I thought the same. But I have tried in the past to be 'commanding' and got nowhere, even shouted down. This time I wasn't so much 'commanding' as cranky and stressed about it.

      Then Tilly said she thought I was waiting for her signal. No shit, Sherlock.

      However, I'm not complaining as it appears to have worked.

      No, I'm just stressing about work, as usual, and probably alienating people who read the blog as I go. Standard stuff.

  2. Just thought, this follows an abortive attempt to talk turkey about cross-dressing... Nah, can't be that. Diversionary?


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