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Wednesday, 10 April 2013


The Pet Shop Boys did it in the 1980s as a violent swipe at Thatcherism (see what I did there?) and created an electronic album track that I love to this day. In it they simply poke fun at the word itself: shopping. By spelling it out and putting it to music.

Musing, as I was, in the morning about my latest creative endeavours on my other blog I was taken by the potential for a story about a musical-based society in which people have names like "Doctor Beats" and "Lady Jazz" and they do battle with guitars and the like. Ultimate ruler of one area would be the Hendrix, guarded by his four fearless Beatle Knights and so on. Against that, there was the nagging part of me that wanted to continue on with a man's coming of age ritual and explain where the hell he's going to drink, because it's been about three days! Damn it, that'll need editing.

And I was marking too. Coursework. Managed nine then I got bored and came home. But I'd left my mobile at home and so I couldn't do my usual text to let Tilly know I was on my way. On a whim, knowing I'd left earlier than planned, I stopped off at the charity shops on the way home. After dancing yesterday and posting about how much I'd love to do it dressed I thought I'd take a look and see if there were any dresses or skirts that would fit the bill. There kinda were and I left ten pounds lighter with a very floaty blouse and a twirly long skirt. I will, of course, share pictures of these when I can and I hope to try them on in the next few days. Yes, I will dance in them when I do so, even if there is no music, that was kinda the point in getting them.

Eh, kinda like this but in blue.
My point in posting is simply: what made me do that? I hadn't planned it. I certainly haven't budgeted for it. No skirts or dresses or blouses in the windows of those charity shops have grabbed me for at least a month, if not more, and the displays were even less alluring than that today, what with the bad weather lately and the lack of sales they've been getting. Indeed, most of my day was spent browsing webcomics, marking coursework and planning to write my prehistoric gubbins. So... where did the sudden buying of clothes come from?

I mean, I've ranted before on here about my issues with spending money on clothes made for women and yet... and yet, I did just that. The first place didn't even take VISA, so I tootled off and withdrew my money to pay and then, get this, went to another shop and added a blouse. What the flying fuck? What did I do that for?

They're trapped in my car at the moment. I have no idea how I'll smuggle them into the house. I have no idea when I'll wear them, or at least try them for size (I have 14 days if I wish to return them), or whether I'll even get a chance. No planning, no nowt. But single-minded, yes. No pressure at the moment? I don't know. Not as bad as it's been over the course of this blog but...

My ghast is well and truly flabbered.


I have worn them. They fit. I have worn them with my high heels, that really didn't match but I suppose that's not the point, and I have danced a little. Not too much, the Boy could have woken or Tilly could have popped downstairs. I snuck the bag in with the worst excuse in the world "I left something in the car" when Tilly went up to type in the bedroom.

Not sure the ensemble is quite up to fashionista standards, yes Terri, I'm looking at you! However, it may just work. I seem to have man-length arms rather than womanly ones, who'd've thunk, but otherwise...  Yes. Now it's just a case of finding time to take pictures. Or go for a walk. I'm not sure.

The skirt is beautiful, by the way, I think I love the skirt. Both are from Next and both are BNWT as it happens - bargain!

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