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Monday, 29 April 2013

Personal Responsibility

So, the Girlie had her party. It went very well. Tilly and I followed up by having take out and sleeping.

Regrets, I've had a few. No, I keep having
them. About most things. I'm not psychic
but I know that I will not thank past me in
the morning.
I've vegged another night.

I will regret it, I know, but for now I am tired. And bored. And tired. And melancholic. Of course I've done no work this evening. My work at work was used by others and I was given the task of working with no resources and I did it. Because I do as I'm told and I am broken. And that will come back to bite me. Tomorrow I will be told that my marking is wrong, knowing that this is wrong, and we will all feel the bite in moderation. And that will be my fault.

And I'm scared. And bored and tired.

Happy stuff:
Tilly and I are in a nice place. We actually cuddled in bed last night. She appreciated and noticed my efforts to be nice, which was nice. Girlie enjoyed her party, the Boy had some fun too. Both of them were nice to me in the morning. Joanna played on G+.

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