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Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Yay, a Queen reference.

So, for one reason or another the topic of my cross-dressing has been well and truly broached with Tilly, she has no way out this time, not without losing face or being insulting (not deliberately set up by me, just the way it's panned out). If she takes a way out I won't blame her, I've said as much. But hopefully we can talk about this.

We'll see...
I'll be back at some point to fill everyone in, of course, and then I'll analyse how it's gone. I'm not expecting much, but we'll see.

Actually, I've just twigged the most likely path: she'll fall asleep and then there will be night and morning, the many-hundredth day.

Apparently there was a supah-secret fourth option. That is to come back down from putting the children to bed, say nothing of consequence and, when I raise the conversation, say "There's nothing else to discuss, is there? I'd say we're done on it" and then carry on as normal.

Yeah, headache inducing. Could have been worse, I
suppose. "If you haven't got your health, you haven't got
anything" - Count Tyrone Rugen
Well. Okay then.

I would blog about the day but... my heart's not in it. Thus disappointed I shall return to Google+ or go to bed. I don't know any more.

As Inigo Montoya said: "Who are you?"

To which the man in black replied: "No one of any consequence."

"I must know"

"Get used to disappointment."


  1. Well, hopefully it will all work out right.

    1. Thank you Dee. Alas, as updated, it didn't go anywhere.

      I guess that counts as working out right?

  2. It's good that you got it all out on the table. Her dismissive response speaks volumes.

    1. I 'sort of' got it out on the table. I was headed off at the pass before I could lay it all out. I got as far as saying that I would sooner talk to her about than anyone else, which I don't think she got.

      She's said before that she really doesn't want to talk about it; my bringing it up again, even if it's been since... uh... ages back that I last brought it up is still unwelcome. And yes, her response does say rather a lot.


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