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Wednesday, 13 March 2013


I hate being me.

Anyone who has read any of this blog may well already know this information, so apologies for the repetition. But I do. On a training course today and I thought I saw a vision of a possible happy future. Ill-advised return to work to teach in the afternoon followed by a lazy evening in a nightdress while Tilly is out singing and a sure knowledge of impending disaster next week.

I am not functioning at anything resembling full, or even half, capacity and I have no excuses.

In my head I am planning clever things involving showing people that the State cannot protect the safety of the individuals who paid it their sovereignty in exchange for security because no one can defend against the truly sociopathic and motiveless. Possible novel? In reality I am awash with conflicting deadlines and confusion of priority so that I am at a standstill, that requires me running to stay there, in a whirl of workplace politics that demand I take part when what I want to do is hide in a corner and wait for it all to go away.

My quick reactions from the last month make interesting reading, apparently someone finds the blog boring. I am smiling at that. Thank you, nameless person, you took the time to respond - I am actually enough of an attention whore that I am touched by that!

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