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Friday, 8 March 2013


Just chronicling the fact that the more active I become on Google+ the less good I am at being nice to people that deserve it like Dee and Elle and Calvin/Caitlyn.

Now that I've had a beer (Ruddles County) and a takeout and I've been working late all week I am too tired and vaguely inebriated to go and post comments on their blogs. Consider this a kind of apology. Not enough, by any means, but an apology nonetheless.

This is very pretty and goes in my 'inspiring images' box.
Trees, forests, flowing dresses and a violin. It's like they
read my mind.
I've spent the week trying to find somewhere to buy decent women's clothes for a tenner and have failed. I have the spare cash, I even spotted a yellow skirt and blue blouse I would have liked, but have failed to marry the two. Instead I have not dressed since... well, it feels like ages but is only since here, I'd prefer to remember this one instead, and I am feeling sad about that.

On another level, a friend of Tilly's has split with her husband due to blatant and flagrant infidelity - which is fine. But Tilly says that he was "secretly on all kinds of kinky fetish websites" and that this means "there can be no sympathy for him" and "explains why he shouldn't see his children, actually". She didn't explain further but conversation showed that we weren't speaking of paedophilia, rape fantasies or violence. This doesn't leave a great deal, but it does make me fear the day when, and it's a when not an if, she finds my browser history. Will this blog count under her definition of what is enough to stop a father seeing his children? Part of me thinks it would. And that part of me was left pretty cold and scared by the discussion.

On that happy note, I'm going to try and leave you with a nice, uplifting, animated gif image.


  1. Joanna, first and foremost you don't ever have to worry about 'being nice' to me. We're friends and as such all I want is for you to be happy. If being on Google+ does that for you, then I'm grateful that you have that outlet!

    I'm sorry to hear that you haven't had more time to dress, especially since it seems to make you so happy when you do. I hope that you can find the time sometime soon.

    Hearing about how your wife talked about her friend's husband sent chills down my spine. Just keep in mind that it's not up to your wife to determine if you are being a good father. I certainly hope it never comes to it, but if it does then it would be up to a judge to determine custody and visitation. And personally, I can't imagine anybody reading this blog with an open mind thinking that anything said or done here would disqualify you from being a good parent. In fact with all the love and care you've talked about giving your children I would think that this blog would only HELP your case.

    Again, I hope it never comes to that. And thanks for the lovely animated gif!

    1. Thank you for the comment, it is much appreciated. :)


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