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Sunday, 24 March 2013

In my head

What I should be doing is responding to comments and e-mails and checking up on friends and commenting on their blogs and commenting on Google+. I should be marking my guts out for the new week and finishing off a trilogy of lessons on Churchill and source technique. I should be doing more to bring attention to this and fighting to get something done.

A Muslim cleric has condemned to death Amina Tyler, a young 19 year old Tunisian who published a picture of herself topless, Amina posted on her Facebook account a picture with the phrase: “My body belongs to me, and is not the source of anyone’s honor.” She is a member of the group Femen, a feminist movement emerged in Ukraine in 2008 performing their topless protests to draw attention. The unusual protest sparked rejected her own family, which is considered a “insulting the modesty of a woman” and Islam. “This young woman according to Islamic law deserves to between 80 and 100 lashes, but she did much more than that so she deserves to be stoned to death,” the religious Tunisian daily said “Assabah News” . Sign the petition here: http://www.change.org/petitions/petitioning-tunisian-government-amina-must-be-safe We the undersigned unequivocally defend Amina, and demand that her life and liberty are protected and that those who have threatened her will be immediately prosecuted.

I should be changing the world and standing up for the rights of the oppressed - no, really - and at least making moves to get my own point of view recognised in my own relationships, in my job, by my parents and around me in the world I live in. But I am not. It has snowed, it is cold and lethargy rules the roost.

I dug out a coat that I use for dressing up as a Soviet cavalryman from the Russian Civil War (I use it to teach a lesson on the First World War because I like to dress up and wielding a cavalry sabre gets the attention of my students) and used it to walk out in the snow with the family. It was warm, it was wonderful and, I realised quickly, it has been re-tailored for a woman. Tilly spotted it pretty quickly, but I pointed out that it was a male coat (the buttons fasten that side and it is an RAF coat from the 1950s, so unlikely to have originally been a woman's). I checked it more closely today after having ruminated on the lovely tight waisted feeling it brought and, sure enough, there have been alterations to shape the coat. Alterations that almost perfectly match the style of Tilly's own military cut overcoat. So, it's been changed to be worn by a woman (though some features, such as the coat tail fastening near the knees, have not been moved). And, you know what, of course I am ridiculously happy about that. It would explain just why I liked it better than the other coat that is almost exactly the same but has not been altered (same size, no rank badges) when I originally acquired the two of them waaaaay back around 2002-3. Actually, it would have been December 2002 as I used them in lessons the following term.

So, what I want to do now is don my skirt from Toby, the boots I bought ages back, the tights I own, a pair of knickers, my bra (stuffed of course) and the coat and go for a long walk in the woods. But I shan't. I shall probably mark my guts out and plan a trilogy of lessons.

Well, there you go. Stuff that was in my head.

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