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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Hair raising

I am soooo close to paying money for this, for
example. I mean, wtf?
One of the odder things that I find taking up my attention of late is wigs. I mean, I've always had a thing for long hair on women and I've always wondered what that would be like for me. Equally, I've long known that I can't stand that feeling when hair is around my ears (coupled withe the not very attractive wax production) and that I have missed the opportunity to grow my own hair out to see what I would look like with long hair. I mean, now that I'm married and all, making huge changes to my appearance are... well, not possible really. Also, Tilly often talks about getting her hair dyed or doing things with it and yes, part of me is jealous. Vagina envy? I don't know. I am jealous is all.

So I've been looking at wigs online. Mainly on eBay, as if I could actually use that service to buy something and get it delivered in a way that would escape the notice of a. Tilly or b. work. After all, Tilly uses my eBay account, which is tied to my Joanna e-mail (because the e-mail predates all of this and was once my official e-mail address back when I thought one needed false names online to avoid being spammed or hacked) and parcels with wigs would be fairly large and hard to hide.

Or there's this one. A bit sillier, I know, but look at that
But, you know, a part of me is seriously trying to work that one out. Like the boots that I obsessed over and then eventually bought or the dress that I looked for and then bought or the clothes that I obsessed over and then bought and then wore and then threw out on a whim. How long until this particular obsession causes me to splash out on buying a wig? Also, there's the news that my job is being restructured to the tune of me being £211 a month worse off. And, of course, I'm looking at spending double figures on a frippery that I shan't even be able to look after properly. Of course.

But, sorry, wigs.

In particular I've been drawn to long ones that have a fringe that would cover, or nearly cover, the eyes but not be long enough to tuck back over the ear. A bit like the idea of wearing lenses that would require me to wear glasses to see properly I guess. I mean, what's all that about?

Just a quick post tonight.

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