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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Narratives and subplots

It is a sad thing to realise that your central narrative rates as little more than a sub-sub-plot of someone else's. That's what happened to me when reading something my mad-ex posted the other day. In it she went through her previous relationships to end on a tribute to her husband. Of course I didn't feature at all, which is fine in one way, but when I think of the tumultuous effect it had on me (check out the posts on her) then I feel a bit short-changed.

I was also going to do something creative tonight, what with Tilly out watching Les Miserables again with the friend she met on NaNo, but so far I have listened to some shit music and... that's it for the last two hours. It's a bit pants even for someone like me who is used to finding nothing to fill time with so that nothing ever gets done. Quite apart from the fact that I could have been doing actual work and thus granting myself some free time to do something when I felt more motivated in the future. Heck, I'm not even taking the opportunity to cross-dress, which is ridiculous considering how little I get to do it.  No, I post something on my other blog from a section of random prose I wrote back in 2005 and then... what?

Then I open powerpoint, of all things, and create... this.

It's a bit... staid? Stereotypical? Pants? They all count.

So, I guess, what would I do to improve this a bit?

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