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Sunday, 20 January 2013


Yes, I tried my posh meal again last night and yes, it was as I suspected - I expected too much of it and got less from the experience than last Saturday. Mainly I had much less time to indulge and a bit of a time getting the Boy to sleep (it took two and a half hours, from 6.25pm to 8.55pm) and then had to get the chinchilla out (9.25pm, after taking half an hour to decide on ensemble, to 10pm). Tilly was due back at 11.30pm from her night out.

However, I did learn some new things. I was attempting to wear another outfit, rather my only other outfit, of skirt (a present from my mad-ex); top (stolen from Tilly's last great throw-out in 2008); boots and tights. I wore the same bra, still stuffed, and same knickers but, lacking a tampon, made do with a panty-liner to help with the possibility of drippage after the loo. In so doing I realised that the bra I use is designed to show cleavage and, well, I have none. So the top was sort of... empty where it should have been sporting a great bosom. I had to change back into my dress. Which is a shame, I really like the skirt and really like the pictures of me from last week - so I was hoping to get more. It is really rare that I appear in photos and rarer still I look back on them with fondness, even, perhaps especially, of me cross-dressing.

So much for that. But I did find some jewelry that Tilly hasn't worn since 2006, that I didn't feel too guilty about borrowing. A necklace with a long droppy bit down the cleavage that was lovely (purple glass framed in black metal raisin-sized beads along the collar bone then a long chain of these hanging down toward the chest, about seven I think) with two matching bracelets. It was the latter that enchanted me. To fasten them you had to clip them together, quite a feat being opposite to how a watch works, and they had small chains with weights to aid the process that, of course, hung loose when done up. They clattered nicely on my laptop as I attempted to work and kept brushing me when I was sorting out the chinchilla.

Now, I generally don't like jewelry, but these... well, they felt right and I felt good wearing them. I would have kept them on after I changed back into my normal, drabber, clothes if I thought I could get away with it. Alas, at about 10.45pm I thought I'd better clear up and make sure there was no evidence, which I did, and then I sat up for Tilly. I don't sound it, but I am grateful for even that much time to indulge!

None of that was what I wanted to write about, which is this: I have updated my Visitor's Guide a bit with some new and better links to posts here. In the fullness of time I hope to add something on blogs I visit and why I go there, as I am aware that my blogroll doesn't explain why they are there and that my New Year Listings was poor in terms of explaining why certain blogs have helped me over 2012.

So there you go, a little more stressed than last week, a little less happy but still, ultimately, happy.

Alas, no images with this post because I haven't the first idea where to even look for images of jewelry. Did I mention that I have a peculiar phobia about it?

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