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Friday, 11 January 2013

New Year Listings

I've been meaning to write a summation of last year and a celebratory post for a while but one thing and another has conspired to keep me away and not writing. That ends!


I have been touched and honoured to have had mentions by people I consider to be talented and lovely and, well, more focussed on what they give than what they get. The following people are wonderful, in my humble opinion, and have been a great help to me in some bad times for myself either through offering support and advice or through simply being themselves and offering their talents. I realise that I am merely one of thousands, and that most readers of my blog will already know them, but I post them here as recognition of their all-round loveliness, in no particular order:

This is a lovely gift that Dee made for me
 (I still get wibbly when I say that)
and still pushes buttons even though Dee
had no idea what I liked! That's either talent or
I'm justvery easily pleased... either way, I was pleased.
Another one that pushed my buttons.
I like to remove the
last three paragraphs,
but that's just me.
First of all Dee-Mentia, who is lovely. Creator of many captions and conversations that I wish I had more time to take part in. Always game for deeper conversation and discussion or simply light-hearted banter. If you haven't been over there then can I recommend that you do so and have a gander? Do take part in the conversations there. There is no better supporter of community on the web that I have found and I think from my own reading of some very brave individuals that one thing everyone is in need of is a feeling of belonging! I have included two captions by Dee here for illustrative purposes and for completely different reasons! It is through Dee that I got the earworm of 'Garden of your Mind' stuck in my head which I credit with finally breaking my writer's block and allowing me to get involved in NaNo again last year and writing some of the novel that one day I hope to publish.

Secondly there is the epitome of strength and gravity that is Leslie-Ann. I cannot adequately put into words how helpful I have found the advice and support offered from across the Pond. The amount of times that a comment has been made just when I needed it or an e-mail sent. If I could repay even a small amount of that support and help and just, well, interest then I would have done a great thing. My thanks to you, I know I sound all gushing and wibbly, but the fact remains that at some pretty low moments a little bit of understanding and concern has gone a very long way indeed. I would not have met you without this blog and, without your kind invitation to view yours, I would not have learned as much as I have in 2012.

The first caption made for me.
It is... well, I found it to be
I just love what was done with one
of my favourite images.
Thirdly, may I once again introduce the ever-dear Elle who decided out the goodness of her heart to offer me some captions apropos of nothing that were just full of... well, I still can't rightly say. In many ways the two I offer here for illustrative purposes summed up my thoughts at one time or another and they spoke to me in a way that sometimes mere prose cannot. For that alone I am in her debt, especially considering that I lack the talent that is on display in captions - I have made about three so far - and these were... if nothing else, they were very kind. Again, I can recommend that you pop over to the blog in the link above.

Also there is Sveta, whose input to my foray into fiction (which I do still want to continue) was well-timed and very supportive. She has a site of her own, which is in German, but that's no barrier to interesting  prose and thoughtful comment! You were not unnoticed last year, Sveta, vielen dank!

Then there are the people whose blogs I found interesting and supportive simply to know that there were other people who faced similar situations to myself and who had logical thoughts about it. The story of 2012 could be subtitled as the year I found out that I was not nearly so odd and alone as I thought I was. To these people I offer a hearty thanks for posting in your blogs and suggest to the frequenters of this place that you may want to take a look and find what I found.

Terri is first up and an all round nice person. Infrequent, but illuminating posts and just a lovely person. I'm already coming across as enormously sycophantic, so I'll keep this short, but it's a place to visit for me when I need reassurance that there are other people puzzling through the same issues that I am.

Next there is the lovely Rhiannon, whose blog I discovered very late on and is a place that I do not feel qualified to comment. I find the story powerful and the emotions raw. Thank you for posting your experiences and sharing what has happened, you've helped me get through the year if nothing else. If you read this, I of course wish you all the best!

I can't let Caitlyn go without mention. The recent discussion on alter-egos I found to be illuminating, powerful and revealing - from everyone who took part - and, above all, so supportive. I would say this about all the people and blogs I've mentioned, but it especially appropriate here, I am finding that there is not only a sense of community but that people are so supportive of one another. It really is something that one does not see much of out in the real world and so something that I have come to appreciate when posting here or commenting elsewhere or even just lurking and reading. Oh, and a great captioneer too but not the main reason I visit.

I don't usually talk about this side of my compulsion, nor do I intend to make this more of that kind of blog, but in a review of my year, and in trying to be honest, I suppose it's fine. In terms of captions, the following sites I offer for your consideration:

Fredoline: boys who became girls
Just a lovely place to get lost in. I append one of my favourites above.

Servitor: Contemplating the Divine
Another place I enjoy visiting.

Kim: Tight and Shiny
Not what you may expect, but I do go there now and then.

I expect you already know about Fictionmania; Limited Audience; Sissy Kiss and Rachel's Haven.

And that will have to do for now, the Boy is up.


  1. Thank you for the kind mention!

  2. Thanks, Joanna. You have returned the favor more than once. Don't undersell yourself, girlfriend.

    1. *blush* That's very kind of you, and I'm glad!


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