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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Dog tired

A library image of a boy that reminds me of
the Boy.
This month I knew was going to be busy, but I did not anticipate it being busier than December. I mean, I knew that ditching stuff on evenings in November was going to result in pain but I thought I'd have passed the hump by now. No, the Boy has undergone a developmental surge to place him just six months behind other children his age verbally and has done so by shouting his new vocabulary loudly and with obvious glee at around 2am. I'm torn between getting pissed off with him and grinning proudly.

I keep hoping to get some posts in order, knowing that I have extra busy time coming up at the beginning of February, because there are people reading what I write and I feel an obligation, a positive one, to keep communicating. However, that hasn't happened. Not complaining, merely pointing this out. I had been hoping to review my resolution post from last year, for example, and review a book I read but I just haven't the energy.

These are close enough to what I wore. Certainly more on
the 'sexy' scale than the ones I did wear. I have no idea what
that, or the fact I feel the need to point it out, means.
I also haven't had the energy to really look at cross-dressing at all. I managed a sneaky wearing of some wedges, the ones that I first referred to back in 2011, for a short while but that's about it. Putting what remains of my wardrobe in, well, my wardrobe in the bedroom currently occupied by Tilly does reduce chances of wearing that wardrobe. Especially since, due to the surge, I'm back in with the Boy and, due to who-knows-what, I'm never in the house alone.

Apparently, Tilly was making an effort to be more personable at the beginning of the Christmas season but I didn't notice and rebuffed her by getting my laptop out. After that she simply ignored my requests on the grounds that she didn't think I knew what I was asking and wasn't actually interested. She went further, pointing out that requesting time to "sit together and be together" was not terribly romantic, nor was it obvious what I was driving at. Instead she suggested that we book a night a month where we could sit together. I pointed out that I was trying, like she asked (again she pointed out that she has told me what she wants, without elucidation), to woo her by being more spontaneous - she countered that we didn't really have that option open to us any more as we were both very busy people. I raised what happened when visiting her parents and she simply said that it was "different" and "proved her point". I have no idea what that means.

On the plus side, she has taken a shine to a song by the Pet Shop Boys - okay, sung by other people - from the musical that she bought me for Christmas that they wrote. Ow, that's a sentence plagued by sub-clauses from Hell.

And I'm shattered.

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