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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Beer Review: Victory Ale

I have been remiss in not posting about my beer. But there was much that had been had before and much that was simply not done in time to be posting on here and some that was imbibed when I was tired, or away, or watching a film or... you get the idea.

Anyway, it is after Christmas now and I should be reviewing ales, this time it is the turn of one of those bought for me by my children: Victory Ale brewed by Batemans. It has a picture of a tall ship on the bottle, along with Nelson of course, and that is the reason that the Girlie chose it for her Daddy.

At 6.0% ABV it promised to be a big hitter and the aroma of faintly spicy hops made me feel that this hunch was not misplaced. It was a darkish colour as I poured it into our one remaining beer glass (the Boy destroyed the last one) and promised to be a nice enough brew. Indeed, the aroma settled wuickly into familiar territory and the first taste was promising too. There was a nice tang to it all, a bit citrus and a bit bitter, which is exactly how I like my beer, as I'm sure you know. It was satisfying and, despite the strength, it wasn't overpowering and dangerous. It was very much like supping the liquid equivalent of a muted TV show - that is, there was plenty going on and the hits were loud and strong but the volume had been turned to a tolerable level and the violence displayed could be seen rather than experienced. For that, it was a nice ale and one I may have again.

Enjoy this best on its own, with a brace, and with some people over who also enjoy good ale. You can mix it with food, but I would suggest leaving it until after the meal and make sure that the meal isn't too spicey or over powering in terms of flavour - this is an ale you'll want to taste and enjoy rather than force into the background.

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