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Monday, 14 January 2013

Articles and "Woah"

Easily the best image I have of what Feminism is and
the one I use to introduce it to my students. Because
it messes with their heads!
Like most people I read the Julie Birchill piece and was amazed at what was going on. Principally because I always assumed, and still assume, that Feminism is about rights for pretty much all people, regardless of gender. That is, campaigning for basic rights like childcare to be recognised as on a par with, and perhaps more important than, 'work' and for flexible work/care options for parents starts, obviously enough, with those whose lives are most blighted by the lack of recognition - mothers. Ergo, Feminism, to me, is so called merely because the greatest wrongs, at present, are done to women.

However, as all sin is equally reprehensible to God, all wrongs done to human beings by human beings, regardless of motive, are equally wrong. So, although I say Feminism starts with women it by no means ends there. Any group, howsoever defined, that has wrong systematically done to it due to being part of a group therefore has as much claim as anyone else to be aggrieved at poor treatment and the worst thing they can do is blame another group for that.

So, apparently, I show some of the "may"
signs for autism only. Huh. Tilly is still
convinced that I am autistic however.
In honesty, I think I may be, but I think it is
unconnected to my cross-dressing.
So, yes, I read the article and then I started reading about the aftermath posted by someone I know whom I used to go to University with and has no idea of my TG tendencies on their FaceBook account. And I got to the TransDocFail hashtag site. And I read some of the tweets and the situations and... I was gob-smacked. There were many complaints focussed on the psych element and, in particular, on the diagnosis of GID concerns as Aspergers on the grounds that disconnection with body and emotions coupled with female personae were based on wanting "roles to play" or "being obsessed with difference". After all, if GID is not connected with sexual feelings then it can't be "transvestic fetishism" and the only other possible response would be SRS.

Why gobsmacked? Because, when I failed my therapy session last year in August this was reasonably similar to what I was told. Also, the letter that told me to politely "fuck off" and not contact them again, the GP who said it was no longer anything to do with them (it was when I had initially gone with depression and they referred me to the Mental Health clinic) and the fact that I was supposed to have been referred to the Autism Unit for a diagnosis within six weeks. They haven't heard of me and can't contact the Psychotherapy Clinic, I have to do that. But the secretary at the Psychotherapy Clinic tells me that I have been discharged and I must go through my GP to get in touch. The GP tells me that as it's no longer simply depression there's nothing they can do and gives me the number of the Autism Carer's Support Group. I do not care for anyone with Autism and so they send me back to the Autism Unit. And so on.

I'm just amazed that I actually have had some experience of this.

And, for now, that is all. Still feeling the benefit of Saturday night.

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