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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

One Year On

Well, a year and a day, actually.

I was hoping to do something big and clever to celebrate or at least mark the occasion but... well, life intervened. Boy had a mega-cold and was up until 10pm and I had marking, which was irritating, and I had the Monday Meeting of Doom earlier, which had left me in a foul mood. I was rolled.

Anyway, enough of that.

What can I say about the past year?  I can say that I have met some fantastic people and have been priviledged to read their comments and know that they have read my thoughts. Thank you!  I have had captions created for me by talented and awesome people. That perhaps shouldn't make me as warm and fuzzy as it does, but it does!

I have written the start of a story (Reality / Shifts) that I intend to go back to at some point and I have started a novel that may well end up being finished. I have dressed more this last year than at any point since 2007 and I have enjoyed most of those times. I have bought boots, shoes, a dress... these were all purchses that I have enjoyed and would make again if I had to. I have tried and failed therapy. I have tried and failed to 'woo' Tilly back to bed, for a whole host of reasons, the most recent of which is the cold I am currently sporting. I have failed one set of support and been pushed to the next level at work, but in the process more or less improved relations with my boss. I think.

I also, last month, managed to make a concerted effort to write positive things that actually left me in a pretty positive mood, so that was nice. I have joined Google+ and I have created a new identity online that seems to have made friends. I have, in fact, been me online. Been me anywhere, full stop.

So, if you have been with me at any point of this journey then thank you!

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