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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Catch up: a little light dusting

Best clean the place up!

*brushes cobwebs*

Wow, it's been, well... a while. Especially for me!

It's a bit like this, but my room is very different and there
was no camera to independently record what goes on.
I'm not positive about it. Usually one gets word on the likely
grading (Outstanding, Good, Satisfactory or Inadequate) if it
is positive. I've heard nowt.
Why? Uh, well, I said I'd cleared November to go writing and that I would suffer the consequences. Boy was I right. Lots of stuff to do at home, lots of illness with the Boy and then the Girlie and then Tilly and then the Girlie again. And more work. Lots of work. Then I was observed by my boss, who hasn't told me how that went yet (there's supposed to be no more than 48hours twixt observation and feedback, I'm now three working days afterwards and will not get any feedback til tomorrow after work, nice - not that I'm suspicious or anything).

Then there was the shooting on Friday and, well, posting anything after that seemed... wrong? I dunno, I didn't want to go with my usual politicised rants about the world nor did I want to risk being an 'o me miseram' in the wake of something like that. And I haven't had the time to plan a decent 'beautiful things' post - still haven't - and so... yeah. Time flies.

What can I say then?  I haven't had a chance to dress now for, well, ages and I haven't felt the crushing pressure from within to do so in a while. But I am aware that not indulging makes me ratty and irritable. That is, if I can't get on here and be 'me' then I get to feeling all frustrated and stuff elsewhere in my life. Almost like this is a safety valve of sorts for the internal stuff.

This would be a lovely
present. Lovely price too
and I lack the shape for
such beautiful things.
My Girlie has had her first show, did I mention that already? I think I did. My parents were present and so there was some stupidity in the build up from both camps, bloody parents, but that's all. I upset my boss by mentioing it as her mother died and she gets upset when people bitch and moan about parent issues. Which is fine, she has her point, but her parents were still happy together and, for all their faults, weren't totally at odds with her life at various points. Everyone has their own foibles, I guess, and my own lack of connection to my family is one of mine.

Joanna is still enjoying herself over at Google+ too, which is nice. I kinda want to get her a Christmas present, you know, but our funds are pretty tight this year (£600 on presents! So, not that tight, just ridiculous and definitely a First World Problem). She's even decided to take Tilly's last name, apparently. I guess that sort of thing turns me on, God knows why.

I want to write some Reality/Shifts again. No time tonight, maybe later in the month.

Also, I just noticed, is yellow like my favourite colour or something?

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