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Friday, 9 November 2012

The Plague

Well, everyone in my family has vomited on me this week so it was, perhaps, little surprise that I spent today being ill rather than at work.  And here was me putting the whole thing down to stress.  And that also explains why it is that I have created a number of problems at work whilst not even being there!  I'm pretty darned special that way, I guess.

Yes, the Boy woke me on Monday morning at 2.30am by vomiting around my head, following it up at 4.40am with more vomiting.  He repeated the performance at just gone midnight Tuesday morning, again over me and the bedclothes.  Girlie followed suit, taking out my jeans, on Tuesday from about 5pm onwards, the Boy took out my t-shirt and slippers at about 8pm and my wife hit me around 11pm.

Wednesday and Thursday they all stayed in and vomited as one, with me clearing up as best as I could.  I stressed on Thursday night, relying on a saved and scheduled post to keep things going here, and completed planning for a lesson sometime around midnight, having started planning at around 9.30pm.  Then I joined the party at 2.20am and followed up at 5.30am, 7am and 8.30am.  This meant that I had to stay off work.  Nightmare.

At least, and I should be thankful for small mercies, it all came out the right end.

I also attended my first hangout and realised that Joanna's existence on G+ is... tenuous.  There were some lovely people there and, well, I felt that I was misleading them a little.  My voice (I have no video facility anyway) would have been a dead giveaway, but these people were so nice.  I feel like I was lying to them.  I mean, I wasn't really, but I kinda was as they thought it was a female joining them.  Nothing else, just... well, I feel guilty I guess.  And about work too.  I was trying so hard to organise things in my absence that I may have got carried away and I made some mistakes.  Big ones.  And, as we know, my mistakes tend to rear up and bit me on the ass when I'm not looking.  No surprises therefore that one of them already has.  I'm sure there are others, but I don't know what they are yet.  Oh well, I appear to be better now at least.

Oh!  Positivity!  Elle created a lovely caption for me over at Rachel's Haven based on the alter-ego post.  It was lovely and I am greatly honoured.  It was a lovely surprise and a little light of happiness on an otherwise guilt ridden day.

And so, to bed.

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