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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Beautiful Things: Art

A new project to keep me in practice throughout the manic NaNo season!  Also, an attempt to live up to the title of the blog by posting things that are generally uplifting and, well, positive.  In this first post, of at least five over November, I shall be looking at some art work!

There is a definite look of Virginia Woolf about
this one too.  Tilly always said that she thought
of herself like Virginia Woolf, there was the picture
this resembles up next to it. 
The first image is Destiny and is, according to wikipedia in Russian (no, really) painted by John William Waterman.  It was an image that Tilly put up on her wall by her computer back when she moved in and we actually had an office and I remember being very captivated by it.  She told me that it was something to do with the wife of Aeneas, or the fellow from the Illiad (on which the Aeneid was based), waiting for his return - hence the ship in the background.  I have no idea if she's just drinking seductively or if she's drinking something to get rid of the child that she is so obviously carrying or what.  Whatever is going on in the image there is something there to fit most viewers.  I find it truly beautiful.  I could happily stare at it for hours.  I recall that I used to get illicit glances of it when Tilly and I were working side by side in the office and mourned its loss when we lost the office and it became the nursery.  I looked it up again quite recently and was again struck by it.  The muted colour, the use of the eyes, the look of the woman and the whole darn thing.  I suppose it would make a fantastic caption too, but I lack the creative skill to realise it.

The door is ajar, she is about to be
discovered and the lover who sends
the letters may well be in for some
The second image I know not the title.  It was posted on Google+ a few evenings ago and I found it wonderfully captivating too.  This one for different reasons.  Clearly the subject here has been getting love letters, for they are scattered about the bottom of the mirror, and one of them enclosed the flower she wears in her cleavage.  There's also the baring of the neck in the mirror, her hands raised in supplication and surrender, the longing in her eyes.  Her hair is long and completely impractical and her kneeling position indicates some sexual connotation that I feel certain the artist was aiming for on some level - the fact that it is a rose in her busom is not lost on me either.  For these reasons I found myself rather unrealistically identifying with the woman in the picture, she seemed to me to personify the feelings I have for the relationship with Tilly - hastened by her recent practice of using make up to create the smokey eyes effect - it's a success in my direction.  Here we have similar lovestruck longing for that which cannot be attained and with no real chance of success.  A naivety that prevents knowledge of how best to proceed and a fantasy based almost entirely on missives that carry little in the way of concrete sentiment lest they be discovered.

Yes, beauty.  I hope to do some more of these before the month is out - unless NaNo kills me.

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